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Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas 2009

Yap, Merry Christmas everybody !
Give thanks to God that have blessed us until now and may God filled this world with joy, blessing, peace, and LOVE. 

One song that pop up in my mind now is "Heal The World" by Michael Jackson. I don't know why.. But for me, this world need a miracle healing. So why not ask Him to heal this world. People said that Christmas is full of miracle, right?

Here, I never put any Christmas decoration as I'm the only one who is Christian in my house. So now I'm thinking.. What item that you think the most related to Christmas? For me, the most related to Christmas is '25th December' and 'St. Claus'. How about you? Read more!

Friday, November 20

My 1st award :)

JAVABIS99.BLOGSPOT.COMThanks for  JavaBisnis | Bisnis & Hobby Blog who has given this award to ShareThingsThis is my first Award from my blogger friend.

Actually this is "backlink- award". If you got this Award, it means you got backlink. You can get dozens backlink in no time if you follow the instruction properly. So, I decided to give this Award to my beloved blogger friend :)
 - Anyone who get this award have to post this article and put these below links to your post ! "kick" number 1 from the list, so the number 2 can become number 1, number 3 become number 2, and so on. You'll see that you only has 9 links. Put your blog on last number (number 10)
 - Also, you have to share this award to 10 people. And don't forget to tell them to follow the instruction also !
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  10. ShareThings
You have to be fair. Don't put your blog on number 2. It has to be from number 10. If you can share this award to 5 people, you'll get 1.953.125 backlink (this only happened if you start from number 10). Here is the description

When you are in number 10, your baclink = 1
number 9, your backlink = 5
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number 6, your backlink = 625
number 5, your backlink = 3,125
number 4, your backlink = 15,625
number 3, your backlink = 78,125
number 2, your backlink = 390,625
number 1, your backlink = 1,953,125

If someone visit any blog/website of your "downline", you'll get backlink also :) Isn't it nice?

For people whose name I mentioned above, feel free to grab it :) and don't forget to post it back. You can post it in English or Indonesia, or any other language you prefer to.

Read more!

Sunday, November 8

True Love Never Ends

Have you ever heard that quote, "True Love Never Ends" ? I think most of you ever heard about that.

Today, at a shopping mall near my home, I saw a couple that caught my eyes. Not because their clothes, not because their money (LOL), but because their age. Both of them are old, maybe around 70-80 years old. They walk around the mall and held each other's hand. Sometimes they have to stop because the woman need a little rest. I watching them from far while eating my potato balls. Then I saw something that I won't forget....
When the woman stopped, her husband said something to her. I couldn't hear what he said to her, but the woman pointed at her leg. Maybe her leg's hurt. Then her husband said something again and pointed a seat. That woman looked at where her husband pointing at and thought for a while, before she smiled to her husband and began to walk. That man slipped his hand to her arm and help her walk to the nearest seat.
That moment happened less than 5 minutes. But that was enough. I saw them walked to their seat slowly, not disturbed by the crowd. They talked at each other and sometimes with a little laugh. It's like they just met each other yesterday ! If someone talked about, "True Love Never Ends", that's them ! Even though they are not young anymore, their eyes said I Love You. Even though they are not young anymore, when they smiled at each other, I saw the most beautiful smile I've ever seen.

I'm so thankful that my Dad came late. If not, maybe I couldn't see this "less than 5 minutes" moment today. Less than 5 minutes, maybe just 2 minutes but enough to taught me about "True Love" more than any best seller books and talk show about Love in this world :)

*********True Love Never Ends**********
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Friday, November 6

Black Cat Lady : 1

This is a not-good story from me :) Hope you understand this story


Black Cat Lady

Sun shows its smile on that entire city. Somehow it smiles too bright that no rain pours for months.

12.00 a.m.

People out for lunch. With traffic full of people and cars, a little touch can make big tension among others. Hunger figures crawl on the road, trying to find their own ways to find a nice cafe or bar to fill their belly.
Far from that crowd. An elegant black creatures with it tremendous claws shine as an adamantine. Lay down in laziness, her eyes which as pure as ruby look carefully on her prey. It’s the same prey. In silent she gets up and walks carefully toward that same-prey. Oh, what a stupid prey, she thinks. Fast, she stabs her claws on its neck. Make a big hole and suddenly a fresh fluid burst out from the neck and covers the floor. Stupid prey….

“MINI !”

A girl enters the room with panic. She holds that same-prey and at the same time looks at The Killer with anger.

“How many times I’ve told you! Don’t make the floor dirty, Mini!” She throws that same-yellow-prey to a bin next to her. “Now I have to clean this floor again. We don’t have that many mice here, okay? So please take care of toys I bought for you.”

After say that, that girl start to wipe the floor with tissue and leave the room with her ipod on to meet her boy friend on the other room.

Lying down, this ruby-eyed creature realized how this girl grew up and changes. Three meters from its place, this black figure can see how this girl kiss her boyfriend. And believe, it is not a little girl's kiss.. It is a woman's kiss

“A Black Cat Lady!”

A little girl shouted so hard

“Look at this cat! I want this cat! I’ll name it Black Cat Lady!”

With ridiculous smile and big eyes opened, that little girl holds a black cat tightly on her chest. Even though her mom refuses to adopt it, this little girl still holds the cat-almost killed it. But what can Mom do? With love to her daughter, now she is driving her car to a pet store and buy cat stuffs

Since then, that cat was called as “Lady” and become a main member of this house. Margareth-name of that little girl- will cry if Lady not sleeps beside her. Margareth will smile so bright even though she just fall down as long as Lady beside her. Every day Margareth broom its fur slowly liked broom a $10000 pet. In fact, it’s just a dirty cat from an unknown street. When Margareth there, Lady also there. Where Lady is, where Margareth is. Some people think maybe they should bring them to a hospital and see if they are siblings.

Funny isn’t it?

That was 5 years ago.
Now, she is no longer a girl with pink socks and polka dot dress. She is no longer a girl who hate boys as they are dirty part of this world that should be vanished. She is no longer a girl who like to cry a lot. Now, she loves a tiny square-shape white box that can play music which its long white rope can be put on ear to hear it privately. She loves slim box which shows you video from who she talks to. It’s a magic box. She can spend hours in front that magic box with her fingers do a tap dance on it. She loves a box which full of catalogs so she can choose which clothes are good, which hats are match with her bags, and many more. She loves boxes, isn’t she?

And now? Is Margareth still loves Black Cat Lady? Is Margareth still want to groom and sleep with Black Cat Lady? Is Margareth still cry if she can't find Black Cat Lady anywhere? Is Margareth still thinking that they are siblings before they reincarnation? Is Margareth...

3.00 p.m.

Three hours since she finds her last prey. She thinks about Margareth too much until falls asleep. Where is Margareth?

She looked around and still can not find her master. She go to kitchen. Maybe she is trying a new kind of diet again? No one in the kitchen. Ah, bathroom ! Maybe she is trying her new conditioner she bought yesterday. No? No one in the bathroom.

After one hour searching her master, (actually only 10 minutes with 40 minutes watch television and 10 minutes eat cat snacks in good apetite), she thinks again, where is Margareth?

Okay, now she is ready to search her master again. Now she tries to step on stairs. May be Margareth is on second floor. Little slip. And another slip. And another slip. Oh my ! They have to change this stairs ! Not from a marble! From rocks maybe !

After 20 steps full of danger (3 meters height), she find Margareth standing in front of her room with towel wrap her body. There is long white rope on her ears with tiny white box on her hands. Oh, I hope someone pull out that rope off her ears ! I can't imagine when that rope and her ears become one. As Black Cat Lady wishes, that rope is being pulled out off her ears. But now, that rope wrap her master's body almost too tight. Margareth shout and jump. But she can't. Someone hold her body so tight that she can't move her body. Her face shows panic.

"Hey, you shocked me!"

Margareth turn her body around and face this "criminal".

"You'll liked it."

He whispers to her ears and hug her.

Black Cat Lady looks at that guy. A nice guy. Good looking guy. His body is okay, not bad. It shows how many hours he spent on gym to carve his body. Okay, his body is also nice. He is her master's girlfriend. New one. The nicest one.

Suddenly Margareth kisses his lips and put her naked arm around his neck. This good looking guy holds her body tighter than before. He opens her lips a little bit and slip his tongue in. Slowly, he touches her back and pulled off her towel. He let it fall on the floor. He presses her naked body on the wall without loosen up his kiss a little bit. Yet, their kiss become more intense. He doesn't only kiss her lips, but also her neck, her ears, everywhere. They forgot that they are not alone in this house. There is a Lady near them. A Lady who still stand and watch them

She is no longer my little girl. She is my Margareth right now, not my little Margareth

Silently, Black Cat Lady step out and return to her beloved bed. Better not disturb them right now. What can I do? I just a cat, an old female cat. Black Cat lady lays on her bed. She close her eyes, waiting for another prey. Later when I found a prey, I'll stab my claws and tears it into pieces..

She falls asleep, dreaming she is in an island full of fat stupid prey. She stabs her claws and break them into pieces.

She smile


do you understand my story? Ahahaha.. I hope so. My English is not good and I'm not a good writer. This is my first time to write a story ever :) This is the first part. What do you think? I need help from you

1. Correct my English grammar and vocabulary
2. Which part I should improve?
3. Which part I should delete?
4. Over all what do you think of this story? Boring? Ahahaha that's okay :)
Read more!

Sunday, November 1

Teeth Whitening tips for you !

Nowadays, a white and bright smile is one of the first things that people will notice about our appearance.White teeth become a must-have things especially for women. In recent years, we can find many teeth whitening products in store. But honestly, do you know what don’t and do in using these products? And do you know the difference between “Bleaching teeth” and “Teeth whitening”?

Bleaching” is permitted only when teeth can be whitening beyond their natural color. Usually, the “bleaching” products contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

Whitening”, on the other hand, refers to restoring a tooth’s surface from dirt and debris. Most of toothpaste products contain whitening.

Seeing that there are so many products of bleaching and whitening, we need to ask our dentist first which product we should use. Different teeth have their own sensitivity. Example, bleaching can cause temporary increase in sensitivity to temperature, pressure, and touch. Some people may experience shooting pains down to the middle of their front teeth. No one wants to feel that right? Beside that shooting pains, some people may get gum irritation for several days. If that happens, we should stop or lower the peroxide concentration.

According to surveys I found on internet, most people use KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching System as their best teeth whitening. It is affordable and work well. Want to buy it? Like what I said before, ask your dentist first before buy stuffs like these.

“It looks dangerous, I don’t want to use teeth whitening !”

That’s okay. If you don’t want to use it, watch out every food and drink you consume every day. Wine, coffee, and tea are examples of drink you should careful of. They taste really good, aren’t they? But you need to brush your teeth right after you drink them to remove stains that left on your teeth surface. How about the food? Meat, especially beef , is one of the food that can cause your teeth’s shade become yellow. Surprised? Me too.. Especially when I looked at these below pictures which are looked very delicious and tasty...

That’s all for today about teeth whitening :)Later I’ll tell you which food and drinks that will make you have a white and bright smile, and which are not Just WAIT ! Read more!

Friday, October 30

ShareThings goes to PR 2 !

Woohooooo !!!

Thanks God, Google, and my beloved readers, now my blog has PR 2 ! few minutes ago I saw many friends of mine got their PR increase. So I decided to see my PR button on my blog. "PR 1/10". Hmm.. nothing change. So I thought, okay, this is not my luck. I need to post more and get more visitor. Theeennnn... I visited one of my friend's blog and see that he got PR 2 but his PR button doesn't change at all. First thing come on my mind was "I should check my PR !"

Go to http://prchecker.info, I type my blog address and waiting in curiousity.. And.. Tadaa.. "PR 2/10" ! Big smile crafted on my face. I began to click "next", "next", and "next" to get this updated PR button and put it on my blog ! Woohoooooo !! *dancing dancing dancing dancing"

For you who don't see anything change on your blog PR, better check it at http://prchecker.info and get updated PR button Read more!

Wednesday, October 28

My Simple sketch I

Actually, this is a little embarrassing to show my not-good-sketch.. But I just so happy with this sketch :p So I thought, why don't I put this sketch on blog? and let people give comments and critics? So here are my sketches..

Feel free to give comments and critics :)

With Adobe Photoshop 7

Jingle - Bell
Pencil and color Pencil

Snow White

Fox Girl
Poster color (? indonesia=cat poster)

Fly Over

My homework

My homework 2

Totem Dance

A Lady

I was The Tree
No New Sketch

That all my sketch I can found ! Yeah.. usually I just throw or give it away my sketch. I only keep few of them.. :) Once again, feel free to give comments and critics :) Read more!

Sunday, October 25

It help you better

How many of you have been spanked or shout by your parent when you are kid ? No need to answer. Me, myself, have been shout so many times when I was kid. Or how many of you find difficulties when you got divorce with your children in the middle of drama?

I think most of us don't like to be shout or spanked by their parent; And most of us don't like to stuck between partner like Hell and children through a divorce. Have you ever heard about parenting class? Years ago, this kind of classes were made to help parent educate and communicate with their children better, but later, this kind of class is used to help people run through a divorce. Sometimes, because of a divorce, relationship between our ex-partner, new spouse, or even children become worse. And still we are too shy to attend a parenting class. Did you know that parenting class has attorneys and counselors who will teach you communication skills that will help you have better relationship with new partner, spouse, and your children also?

This class is not bad at all. It will help us to maintain ourselves and our beloved family. Forget about "I don't have time". I think we have to "have time" about this one. Divorce is a sensitive issue for us, our partner, children, and family.

Don't let a divorce make you and your beloved one become depressed. If you face a problem like this, find a good parenting class for you :) And don't forget to pray ! Ask Him for help is not hurt, right? Read more!

Tuesday, October 20

Link Exchange

Exchange link with others can be really nice isn't it? So here it is. Just reply this post by write down your blog title and URL, I'll put it in my blog roll at right sidebar that will be shown on every page. Put my link also on your blog. Just copy and paste text inside this box below

ShareThings : everything

After I see my link on your blog, I'll add your link on my blog at that time.
Please write like this :

Blog title : (put your blog title)
Blog url  : http://YOUR LINK-HERE.com

Thank you very much :)

Sorry.. I don't provide banner exchange as too much banner will make loading speed of my blog slower.
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New design from Blogger

just realized today, 20 October 2009 (UTC+7) 9:00 a.m, that blogger has bring new design in "posting" section. You will see fresh layout when you are writing or editing post. The toolbar is not brown anymore but white. See the picture below...

Not only that, when you upload image, instead of square brown box, you'll see wide white-blue box as you can see on following picture

It become easier to upload your picture ! You don't have to click "OK" or "SUBMIT" anymore ! Just wait and feel free to upload more images because your picture will be automatically uploaded right after you put image link :)

Do you see picture below? YAP ! Before, you have to set your picture first before upload it. And if you don't like it, you have to upload it again. Let's forget about that. With this new blogger design, you can edit it after you upload it. Do you see that? You can change the size, position, and simply remove it by click.

Your uploaded image will not be placed at top of your post but at the bottom of your post. For me, It's really nice. I don't have to scroll up to top to bring it down to the bottom. But there is disadvantages also from this new layout,
1. You cannot move your picture as free as before. It will snap only to left/center/right/before text/after text
2. Color text will not as vary as before. Blogger reduced its text color variation for post. But for me, it's still okay
3. You cannot change image size as you will. Before, you can click on the image, click and drag your mouse on image's small box to change the size, right? Now you can't. It been setting only to small/medium/large/xlarge. Otherwise, you have to put the height and width manually from "edit HTML" tab

Beside, image tab, link tab was also changed. Now you can put your email address also to your link. And you can change text for your link together. Nice, isn't it?

Other problem also occurred today, many people failed to change google adsense setting (including me). I think it is because this new script. Hope Blogger team will solve this problem ASAP

Read more!

adsense errors

Ah, I'm so depressing.... today, I tried to put google ads in this blog.. It's okay for the first time with 468x15 horisontal row between post. But I don't like it.. It doesn't look good for me, so I manage to change it. Next thing what happened is I can't change it !
"Please correct errors on form"
That sentence appeared... I've tried so many times, restart my computer, log out and log in again. Nothing works.. When I tried to change it to banner ads, it shows error

I dig in blogger help in google and seems like many people got this problem also.. Phew.. hope google will solve this problem ASAP.. Anybody know how t fix this problem??

I think this problem occured because Blogger implemented new style for Posting
Read more!

Sunday, October 18

Indonesia in style

When browsing on internet about percentage of people according to their age, job, religion, etc, I found something interesting in Wikipedia. It says, muslim is the second largest religion after christian (muslim 21% and christian 33%). Believe it or not, 62% of the world's muslim live in Asia and and 15.6% live in Indonesia. How many muslims are in Indonesia? 202 billion ! Over 88% citizen of Indonesia are muslim.

While I read that article, I found the reason why many clothes in Indonesia similar to muslim outfit. But the different is the pattern on it. Most of muslim clothes (Indonesia = baju muslim) in Indonesia has a little traditional pattern called Batik. Enrich with batik pattern, it will be difficult to find the same one in another country as batik is the traditional pattern of Indonesia declared by UNESCO.

This kind of clothes has become a style / outfit in Indonesia. Sometimes people says, "I want to buy clothes that looked like muslim style (read = busana muslim)." even though he/she is not muslim. It's interesting to know somehow percentage religion in one country can affect its culture also, isn't it?

How about you? Do you know what Batik is?
Read more!

Friday, October 16

Earthquake in Ujungkulon

Today, 16th Oktober 2009, earthquake occurred again in Indonesia. Located in Ujung Kulon, West Java, this earthquake has a power about M 6.4 (medium) on Friday at 16.52 local time (UTC +7).

The temblor had its epicenter at 6.79 degrees southern latitude and 105.11 degrees eastern longitude or about 42 kilometers northwest of Ujung Kulon at a depth of 10 kilometers. The ground movement was very little. People in Bandung, capital city of West Java, Indonesia can feel the movement pretty clear and panic but nothing broken and no one died. However, In Jakarta, some people even not realized that earthquake at all.

An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale also happened in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, on Friday at 2.33 local time. The quake`s epicenter was located at 3.54 degrees southern latitude, and 123.27 degrees eastern longitude, at a depth of 20 kilometers, and 88 km northeast of Kendari, according to information of the meteorological and and geophysics office

The earthquake did not have the potential to trigger a tsunami. No reports of casualties or damage were as yet received.

Let's hope there will be no greater earthquake in these recent days in Indonesia. Indonesia looked like still need more time to recover from the great earthquake in Sumatra. Before, on September 30, a powerful earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck West Sumatra and surroundings. The quake which was centered 78 km northwest of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province, at a depth of 71 km in the seabed.

It caused major damage to 101,653, moderate damage to 48,966 and minor damage to 49,026 houses. Up till now, the West Sumatra earthquake has taken more than 1,000 lives, and left hundreds of people injured, and crushed 283,067 houses.

Indonesia is prone to seismic upheavals due to its location on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, an arc of volcanoes and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin. Read more!

Monday, July 6

7irswu6dj9 Read more!

Sunday, July 5

Google in "USA Independence Day"

In 4th July, USA celebrate its Independence Day. Google, as one of the biggest search engine celebrate it by change its logo like the picture below

Maybe not many of you noticed this because today, you can only see this logo while you do search (usually google change its homepage logo). Similiar with other countries which celebrate its Independence Day, it is holiday too in USA. shopping centers held bazaar or big sale. Parks filled with families, kids, hotdog, games, and picnic basket. Maybe that's why google decided to use "picnic" theme, instead of "heroic" theme. Everybody smile and happy~


If you want to see this logo, just type something in google's search box and press enter. After a new page appear, you'll see that "independence day-google logo" on the upper left side of the search box

------------Happy Independence Day for USA------------
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Friday, July 3

New Template !

Hi ! I changed my template to this new "Smoky" by "Free Blogger Template"

What do you think about this template?
Which one better, this new one or the old one?

I don't know about the loading time because I feel no different between this and the old one I used before.. Hope this one is faster and has clearer page than before :) I haven't finished fixed this template yet. As you may recognized that "Continue Reading" text hasn't worked properly yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll fixed that and also updated this blog with new posts ! Be Patience :) I'll post about Bandung, one of the beautiful cities in Indonesia where I traveled to last 2 weeks.

Have you heard about Bandung? Bandung is called City of Flower and also Paris Van Java. Want to know why? Wait for my next post!

...............................................Good night all
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Monday, June 1

International Blogger Award

This is my first award ! Yayyy ! I'm so HAPPY when I opened this blog before I go to bed and saw that one of my friends, Andi tagged me for this award ^_^ ! Fact that I'm just a newbie, this award is more than enough to give me a sweet dreams ^_^

Now, there's a simple task for everybody who get tagged (including me) :

1. Link the person who tagged you >> Andi : http://liat-liat-aku.blogspot.com/

2. Copy the image above (also the link), the rules and the questionnaire in this post. If you don't know how to copy the link, simply copy paste this part ^_^

(then type --> < / textarea > after the last word to close the link's code)
to your "international Blogger Award" post. (create new post!)

3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.( make a new post !)

4. Answer these four questions :
4.1. The person who tagged you: Andi
4.2. His/her site's title and url: :http://liat-liat-aku.blogspot.com/
4.3. Date when you were tagged: 1 June 2009
4.4. Persons you tagged: Alex,Ibnu,pundi-uang-kita, Fajar, Invidel

5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.(not done yet)

6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at http://bloggistame.blogspot.com and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.

7. Have Fun

Phew.. I still have to look for 2 more people to tag.. >_< :woooh: Read more!

Tuesday, May 26

Welcome to Share-EverythingS

Welcome !
This is just a newbie's blog who is trying to improve her English :) When you know about this blog, maybe you think,

"Why is it 'everythingS' ? Should it be 'everything' with no S? Hello.. you should fix that, sis..."

Hahahah.. No, I won't. Why?? Let me tell you.. I know that 'everything' is written without S, but I just want to say that this blog is really about 'everything' ! not a single.. but many (tons in the future...) ! In English, we always put 's' or 'es' after noun to tell people that they are plural, not singular.. So I just want tell you (once again) that this blog is not just about A singular-everything. It is plural-everything(s).Everything about food, travel, christianity, movies, music, products, everything ! Maybe any English teacher who visit this blog will shout to me. But, hey, this is me :D A girl who likes to play with words :)

(English teachers.. please forgive me for breaking the rule.... And please correct me if there's any wrong tenses here-I'm sure there is :p)


And, why do I like sharing? Hmm... have you ever heard this quote, "giving is better than asking" ? I like this quote.. "Even the poor is provided by God" So basically, no one is really poor. We always have something to share.. ^^ so why don't I start sharing? Sharing is not always about money or asset, right ? ^^ even sharing a word of prayer is kind of "sharing" Read more!

How to remove "Undefined" - date in your blog

Have you ever face that problem? You upload a very beautiful template for your blogger then every date beside your post title become "Undefined" like this??

To solve that problem :
1. Open blogger page http://www.blogger.com and login to your account
2. Go to Settings of your blog you want to repair..
3. Go to Formatting
4. Change your Date Header Format, Archive Index Date Format, and Timestamp Format become like this

5. Click Save Settings

If everything is okay, the date beside your post title will work properly like this
Hope this information is useful ^^ Read more!

Saturday, May 23

Today's Quote[1]

These recent days, I have an online bible friend via YM. He always give me at least 2 verses every morning. One from Old Testament and the other is from New Testament. And it always amazed me how those verses always connected each other. Example, the verses I got yesterday :

John 20 : 27
The He said to Thomas, "Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe."

Numbers 23 : 19
God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act/ Does he promise and not fulfill?

Isn't it interesting? though that books where made in different years (centuries I think), it still connected each other in unique way. My friend ever said, "Thanks God first when you wake up then read His word. Do that before you eat, before you take a bath, before you go out from your house! Because His word is a wisdom and a light unto our path." I believe that's true...

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Friday, May 22

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Wednesday, May 20

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Read more!

Friday, May 15


Hello again !

There has been a long time since my last update hare :) before I post something.. I wanto to ask... how you put youtube video in my blog without make the loading time get much slower...

This blog become slower because of youtube video I put...

Can someone help me? Read more!

Friday, March 20

Love story

I got this video from vania's blog. This is funny and interesting short clip :)

this is about "A girl who really likes a boy who really love his BMX". This is a true story from the director, Michelle, at 5 years old. She chased around her friend, Jason at school with her mother's nightie... :D
Read more!

Tuesday, March 10

Good song based of CS Lewis's book!

Vania, my friend, told me about this video (thx to vania!)

It is beautiful song, isn't it? :)

There was something we grasped at, in that first moment of longing,
which just fades away in the reality

------------chapter "Hope" in Mere Christianity------------
-------------------------by C.S. Lewis-------------------------
Read more!

Power of Your Name

This is a song of which lyrics I really like

Surely children weren't made for the streets
And Fathers were not made to leave
Surely this isn't how it should be
Let Your kingdom come

Surely nations were not made for war
Or the broken and due be ignored
Surely this just can’t be what You saw
Let Your kingdom come

Surely life wasn't made to regret
And the lost were not made to forget
Surely faith without action is dead
Let Your kingdom come

And I will live to carry Your compassion
To love a world that's broken
To be your hands and feet
And I will give with the life that I've been given
And go beyond religion to see the world be changed

Your Name
Is a shelter for the hurting
Your Name
Is a refuge the weak
Only Your Name
Can take the undeserving
Your Name
Holds everything I need
Read more!

Saturday, February 28

Serenity Prayer


grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next...

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Tuesday, February 17

Cap Chai (Cap Jay)- another Indonesian Food.. REALLY !!

"Cap" is Hokkian languages which means "mix"
"Chai" is also Hokkian languages which means "vegetables"

So, basically, Cap chai is kind of food that consists many vegetables. Though "Cap Chai" is chinese (Hokkian) languages, but this food is one of Indonesia ethnic food. I don't know where is the exact place this "Cap Chai" created, but my opinion is North Sumatra, Indonesia. I said that because as far as I know, most Chinese people in Medan speak Hokkian.

My Dad, who was born in Riau, Sumatra, said that this Cap Chai (Indonesian call it Cap Jay) is definitely not from Riau. He said Medan-North Sumatra maybe the place where this food came from since so many Chinese-Hokkian food was found in Medan. D.I Aceh (above North Sumatra) is impossible too since almost the citizen is moslem and not speak Chinese. I found that not many Chinese live in Jambi. So, I skip Jambi. About West Sumatra... The Capital of West Sumatra is Padang, right? Padang is famous because of Padang Cuisine which is hot and spicy. Okay, maybe we can skip West Sumatra again. Why? Because Cap Chai is sweet and not spicy! About Palembang... I only know that most of Palembang ethnic food has sour taste and little bit spicy. Skip! Lampung? Hmm... I read that its ethnic food is similar with Palembang. How about Java? It maybe possible. I've heard about Cap Chai a la Semarang (Semarang is located in Central Java), but my grandma refuse that Cap Chai is from Semarang.

I still confuse about where this Cap Chai come from.... If you guys know about it, leave your comments please :D It's always nice to know other's opinions.. :D

Note : Cap Chai is not made from vegetables only. People can add everything that they like, such as chicken, sausages, mushroom, tempura, etc. Hmm.. this food remembered me of pizza.. The truth is, pizza was made by add anything on bread, right? I think...."add-anything" concept in Pizza is similar with this Cap Chai

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Friday, February 13

Valentine Day

So, here is a little section for Valentine Day... :D

I just went back home from a Valentine Party (from my church for university students). The theme was "When John meets Marry". Yeah, the speakers were John and Marry (they're couple with cute kids). I won't tell the whole story here. It's too long ! I just write things that I think most important.

1. Find A partner who has the same religion with you. So you can support each other in God. Not just the same religion, but also faith. Faith in everything...

2. Always pray to God about your partner (or whoever you think will be your partner). And don't think He always speak to you through big megaphone! God has His own unique way for each person in this world.He is the creator of all, and He know which way is more suitable for us...

3. Don't always think about private dating (just two of you alone). By being together alone with your partner, not guarantee that you will grow your relationship in right way. Maybe you discover something new about your partner.. But maybe that "new" things can lead you to wrong direction. The best deal is : If you two can grow up your relationship without (private)dating, that's what true love called is ! (Believe me, if your boyfriend/girlfriend acts too nice to you, almost completely different from his/her usual behaviour, you'll know it by see that "You-Start-Acting-Weird" word at her/his friend's face)

4. Some people think it's enough to just read bible at home or hear God's word from television or any other electronic device, or books. Ok, you can grow. But you grow weird. It's unhealthy.. really.. Reading bible by yourself, hear or read God's word by yourself, all by yourself. Wait a minute, You're not live alone in this world. Do you remember, when 2 or 3 people gather together and pray to God, God will be among them. Also, talk to someone via teleconference or video is not same with talk to someone face-to-face, right? So try to go to God's house, whatever your religion is. Gathering and have fellowship together with people in same faith is always nicer...

+-._.;''':::. !!! HAPPY VALENTINE DAY !!! .::''';._.-+
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Thursday, February 12

Indonesian (Exotic) Food

Fiuh..after post about travelling and finance in this blog.. Now, I'll introduce you some of Indonesian food


1. Babi Panggang (grilled pork) at Bangka
It's quite interesting to know that pork is served in many different ways in Indonesia. Example, "babi guling" Bali is served like turkey. They put the blended spice inside the meat, then they grilled it. In Manado, they have "Babi Rica". They stir the spice first in oil, then add the meat and lemon. In Indonesia, they usually use "asam" instead of lemon, etc. (asam jawa-asam meants sour-its sour yet sweet-this also called as a herb. This is one of important ingredients in Indonesian Food)

"Babi panggang" (grilled pork) Bangka is also different from other province in Sumatra. When the pork is still raw, they put it in tea water for a day, so the fat of the pork can pulled out to the water. It'll better if you use herbal tea. After the meat is 85% fat-free, they cover the meat with the spice. Remember, don't cut the meat to tiny part. We need the skin too! After all the meat is covered with paste, grilled it. I don't really know the details, but when it's served.. This grilled pork has awesome taste. the upper part (skin) is so crunchy !! (Much more crunchy-10 times- than "babi guling" Bali. Middle part is the pork meat which is so yummy and soft. Then the bottom part there're mix of paste and meat, and "jeruk limau" (jeruk limau-tiny little orange-3cms diameter-with its tiny size, the sour taste has the same value with an lemon!). So it's soft, sour, and sweet. They don't add chilli or something spicy. So, for you who can't eat something spicy, don't worry :)

2. Garang Asem(Asam) from Central Java
By read the name, you'll know that "asam" is the main ingredients in this food. You need to boiled tomatoes, big green and red chillis, a slice of banana leave, "lengkuas"(Alpinia Galanga/Lenguas Galanga-is a herb in ginger family usually used in Indonesia and Thai cooking. The robust rhizome has a sharp, sweet taste and has smells like a blend of black pepper and pine needles), shallots, garlic, "salam" leaves (Salam-also called as "Indian/Indonesia-bay leaf" only known as Indonesia and Malay cooking. The "Indian" name is given because a long ago, Indonesia was called "Holland-Indian". As main components, eugenol, methylchavicol and citral have been identified. The yield of essential oil was best when the leaves have been withered and dried for a few days), and "belimbing wuluh" (Averrhoa Bilimbi-known as Bilimbi, Indonesia use this as ingredients in cooking. It tastes very sour. Bilimbi fruit contains many nutritions, such as protein, fiber, ash, iron, phosporus, calcium, etc. It can be served as healthy beverages. The leaves can be used as medicined for cough, cold, and other veneral disseases). After it boiled, add coconut milk, salt, chicken, and brown sugar. Cook it for 1,5 hours if you want sharp aroma . If you don't really want it, just wait until the chicken is well cooked. If you have steamer, instead of boil the ingredients one by one, you can steam them all together for 45-60 minutes !! (Thx to Evan for his advices :D)

Because the ingredients contains so many herb, "Garang Asem" is healthy food to serve. But maybe it will be difficult to find those herbs outside South East Asia. Some Indonesia cooking book suggest common bay leaf instead of Indonesia bay-leaf. But I don't think it has much similarity between that two spices.

3. Cap Chai (still confuse about where this come from)
"Cap" is Hokkian languages which means "mix"
"Chai" is also Hokkian languages which means "vegetables"

So, basically, Cap chai is kind of food that consists many vegetables. Though "Cap Chai" is chinese (Hokkian) languages, but this food is one of Indonesia ethnic food. I don't know where is the exact place this "Cap Chai" created, but my opinion is North Sumatra, Indonesia. I said that because as far as I know, most Chinese people in Medan speak Hokkian.

My Dad, who was born in Riau, Sumatra, said that this Cap Chai (Indonesian call it Cap Jay) is definitely not from Riau. He said Medan-North Sumatra maybe the place where this food came from since so many Chinese-Hokkian food was found in Medan. D.I Aceh (above North Sumatra) is impossible too since almost the citizen is moslem and not speak Chinese. I found that not many Chinese live in Jambi. So, I skip Jambi. About West Sumatra... The Capital of West Sumatra is Padang, right? Padang is famous because of Padang Cuisine which is hot and spicy. Okay, maybe we can skip West Sumatra again. Why? Because Cap Chai is sweet and not spicy! About Palembang... I only know that most of Palembang ethnic food has sour taste and little bit spicy. Skip! Lampung? Hmm... I read that its ethnic food is similar with Palembang. How about Java? It maybe possible. I've heard about Cap Chai a la Semarang (Semarang is located in Central Java), but my grandma refuse that Cap Chai is from Semarang.

I still confuse about where this Cap Chai come from.... If you guys know about it, leave your comments please :D It's always nice to know other's opinions.. :D

Note : Cap Chai is not made from vegetables only. People can add everything that they like, such as chicken, sausages, mushroom, tempura, etc. Hmm.. this food remembered me of pizza.. The truth is, pizza was made by add anything on bread, right? I think...."add-anything" concept in Pizza is similar with this Cap Chai

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Wednesday, February 11

Bangka Island

Bangka is an island province together with Belitung Island (few years ago, Bangka was part of Palembang province). Bangka just lies east of Sumatra, separated by the Bangka Strait, to the north lies the South China Sea, to the east, across the Gaspar Strait, is the island of Belitung, and to the south is the Java Sea. The size is about 12,000 kmsquare. Geographical faces of Bangka is consist of swamps, lower plains, small hills, (really) beautiful beaches, white pepper fields, and tin minings.

Not like Java Island, Bangka is not really good for farming. most of the faces is covered with tin. When I went there last month, many people have tin minings in their backyard outside of Pangkal Pinang (capital of Bangka-Belitung province)! Can you imagine the feeling of having mining in your backyard?? Long ago, it was so easy to open tin minings. You just need to pay 10millions(IDR) to government.. and VOILA ! you can mine your own tin which you can dig anytime! Now, many of those mines were left by its owner and became a swamps. (the picture on the left is one of tin mine that were left by its owner)

There's another unique things from Bangka is their swallow.. Do you know swallow bird? China uses swallow as a really expensive medicine (up to million/kilogram). You can hear swallow voice all over Pangkal Pinang. Yes, there're swallow nests everywhere inside someone's houses. Four-five levels houses are everywhere. Because of so many houses like that, Bangka government decided to create a rule about building high level house like that. It says that you have to design the house nicely if you want to build high level house like that. Hahaha... Swallow's home is nicer than people's home..!

Oh yeah, talk about the beaches. Many of the beaches are no-name. So you can imagine how beautiful they are. But human being is human being. They leave garbage everywhere they go! Right? These no-name beaches are included. But because not so many people know about these beaches, we can still call them as beautiful beaches. These Bangka's beaches is much more beautiful, nice, and clean than any beaches in Bali !

Babi panggang (grilled pork) a la Bangka

my cutie sea creatures :p

This picture is a scenery that you can get at Teluk Uber. There's also a hotel here. It's cheap and fine. About IDR120,000 for 100m2!! Not really 3 stars hotel or something. But it's fine and really wide. Not many people know about this place. This place is quite quiet. This can be a good place if you want to spend your time together with your spouse together without any disturbing. The food prices are really cheap. IDR 5000 for lemonade, IDR 15000 for fried rice, IDR 3000 for ice tea, etc. Ask the keeper to clean the bathroom and bedroom first! Warning, the price is not absolute. It will change according to economic global issues !!
If you want to stay at higher class hotel, you can go to Teluk Tenggiri(tenggiri is a name of Fish). Thay said that Teluk Tenggiri is more beautiful than Teluk Uber.. But that meants, it's also more crowded. Read more!

Indonesia's Tourism Destination

What will pop up in your mind when you read the title? Hmm... let me guess... BALI ! Right? Or I guess some of you never heard about "Indonesia" but you've ever heard about "Bali"...

I have funny experience when I chat to someone through YM. When I said that I'm from Indonesia, he didn't know it. I said, "Do you know Indonesia?"

"I don't know.... sorry", he replied.

So I asked again, "Do you know Bali?"

"Oh yeah! I know it!" he said, "So, which part of Bali is Indonesia?"

Pfff..... The correct question is --> "Which part of Indonesia is Bali?"
Yap, Indonesia contain thousand Islands which many of them is still virgin Island. Bali is an SMALL ISLAND in Indonesia. Small, believe me, Bali is small... So I'll write about another part of Indonesia that great for your holiday's destination. Have you ever heard of Bangka Island? Or Lembang? Or maybe... Ujung Pandang? The wordkeys are :

Fresh Air
and some are.... Cheap

I don't have so much money to go all over Indonesia. So, I'll be really appreciate every single post from whoever who has ever been travelling to Indonesia :) !

Travelling without trying that place's ethnic food is not exciting right? That's why I'll put information about Indonesian ethnic food here. I have many recipes, but I still find difficulties in translate the Indonesia's ingredients into English.. Please be patient :) Read more!

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