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Wednesday, October 28


My Simple sketch I

Actually, this is a little embarrassing to show my not-good-sketch.. But I just so happy with this sketch :p So I thought, why don't I put this sketch on blog? and let people give comments and critics? So here are my sketches..

Feel free to give comments and critics :)

With Adobe Photoshop 7

Jingle - Bell
Pencil and color Pencil

Snow White

Fox Girl
Poster color (? indonesia=cat poster)

Fly Over

My homework

My homework 2

Totem Dance

A Lady

I was The Tree
No New Sketch

That all my sketch I can found ! Yeah.. usually I just throw or give it away my sketch. I only keep few of them.. :) Once again, feel free to give comments and critics :)


Deddy Irawan said...

I think i remember something by looking "A lady" Drawing.

Sketch ... hmm ... anyway, happy blogging.
I prefer to combine some of pic, give sepecial effect with mask and play with some layer in Photoshop.

Amelia said...

@deddy : Ahahahahah :D I'm surprise that you just notice it now.. I thought you noticed it since I said my name :)
Hmm.. I'm not really good in Photoshop.. I don't know how to give mask in Photoshop anyway...

Latoya Hackett said...

I like your artwork. I'm just getting into graphic designing, but I do a lot of sketching myself. I would like to learn how to do more with Illustrator.

Amelia said...

@Latoya : Thank you :) I don't know how to use Illustrator either.. I only use sketch.. Waw, that;s good that you are graphic designing :) Great

sarah said...

I think these are awesome. wish I could do something like this. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Nice sketches, well i would say i don't really agree with using photoshop to give special effect or such. since there are some unique aspect of a sketch when you do it free hand, not computerized. Which is the real definition of a sketch. Yet, it's not a bad idea to finish all those drawing using photoshop. keep up the good work!

Amelia said...

@sarah : Thank you :)
@foodphilo : Oh I see.. I myself like both sketch and photoshop. Combine them is something exciting for me

Rifki said...

Nice sketches.

Amelia said...

@rifki : Thank you :)

Steven Luck said...

Wow, nice one... hohohoho :D

Amelia said...

steven : thx ^_^

hub said...

good sketches.
I love how you draw the piece of cloth surrounding the bottles.

bitebrands said...

i think it's ok to do photoshoping with our skecthes since we're now living in a digital world, photoshop is only a media afterall,

Amelia said...

@hub : Thanks :D ! I spent hours to make that cloth. I'm happy that there's someone like it ^_^

@bitebrands : yap yap ! AGREE ! but I'm not that good with photoshop.. I only use it to change brightness/contrast T_T sad, isn't it....

Viagra Online said...

Your designs are fabulous, specially Fox girl, due to the fact details of tree are astouning, also the effects and shadows are mind-blowing.

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