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Friday, May 15



Hello again !

There has been a long time since my last update hare :) before I post something.. I wanto to ask... how you put youtube video in my blog without make the loading time get much slower...

This blog become slower because of youtube video I put...

Can someone help me?


genial said...

i don't think an swf file like youtube or other video affect on loading a blog (become slower or something). The important thing is the content, if the content is so powerfull... so i don't give a damn about how the page load or something :)

keep the good work up :)

moccavanilla said...

try to get better internet connection
i'm having no problem

Amelia said...

Problem solved !!

That was the template which caused slow page loading ^_^ I've changed the template (this template is nice isn't it?)

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