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Sunday, October 18


Indonesia in style

When browsing on internet about percentage of people according to their age, job, religion, etc, I found something interesting in Wikipedia. It says, muslim is the second largest religion after christian (muslim 21% and christian 33%). Believe it or not, 62% of the world's muslim live in Asia and and 15.6% live in Indonesia. How many muslims are in Indonesia? 202 billion ! Over 88% citizen of Indonesia are muslim.

While I read that article, I found the reason why many clothes in Indonesia similar to muslim outfit. But the different is the pattern on it. Most of muslim clothes (Indonesia = baju muslim) in Indonesia has a little traditional pattern called Batik. Enrich with batik pattern, it will be difficult to find the same one in another country as batik is the traditional pattern of Indonesia declared by UNESCO.

This kind of clothes has become a style / outfit in Indonesia. Sometimes people says, "I want to buy clothes that looked like muslim style (read = busana muslim)." even though he/she is not muslim. It's interesting to know somehow percentage religion in one country can affect its culture also, isn't it?

How about you? Do you know what Batik is?


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