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Sunday, November 1


Teeth Whitening tips for you !

Nowadays, a white and bright smile is one of the first things that people will notice about our appearance.White teeth become a must-have things especially for women. In recent years, we can find many teeth whitening products in store. But honestly, do you know what don’t and do in using these products? And do you know the difference between “Bleaching teeth” and “Teeth whitening”?

Bleaching” is permitted only when teeth can be whitening beyond their natural color. Usually, the “bleaching” products contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

Whitening”, on the other hand, refers to restoring a tooth’s surface from dirt and debris. Most of toothpaste products contain whitening.

Seeing that there are so many products of bleaching and whitening, we need to ask our dentist first which product we should use. Different teeth have their own sensitivity. Example, bleaching can cause temporary increase in sensitivity to temperature, pressure, and touch. Some people may experience shooting pains down to the middle of their front teeth. No one wants to feel that right? Beside that shooting pains, some people may get gum irritation for several days. If that happens, we should stop or lower the peroxide concentration.

According to surveys I found on internet, most people use KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching System as their best teeth whitening. It is affordable and work well. Want to buy it? Like what I said before, ask your dentist first before buy stuffs like these.

“It looks dangerous, I don’t want to use teeth whitening !”

That’s okay. If you don’t want to use it, watch out every food and drink you consume every day. Wine, coffee, and tea are examples of drink you should careful of. They taste really good, aren’t they? But you need to brush your teeth right after you drink them to remove stains that left on your teeth surface. How about the food? Meat, especially beef , is one of the food that can cause your teeth’s shade become yellow. Surprised? Me too.. Especially when I looked at these below pictures which are looked very delicious and tasty...

That’s all for today about teeth whitening :)Later I’ll tell you which food and drinks that will make you have a white and bright smile, and which are not Just WAIT !


KingsKid777 said...

Never knew about meat discoloring teeth. Thank God I don't drink coffee or wine at all and tea extremely rarely...

Amelia said...

@king : Ahahah yeah I just knew them when I crawl on Internet. Good for you >_< Me, I love meat and tea :p But I don't want to use teeth whitening..

Deddy Irawan said...

I am smoker and drinking coffee everyday =(
But i am really happy with my yellow teeths, because my dentist is give up with mine hahah ....

Amelia said...

@deddy : 0.0 LOL Ahahahhaahha! Yeah, that's okay if you really happy with your teeth right now :) Err... how many cigarettes do you smoke ever day? $1300 worth? :p Just see your post on forum today

mytheory said...

I hardly ever go to the dentist.
Last time i went to dentist was when i'm about 9 years old. And that was because of an accident of my tooth (stupid me).
And i don't think i need to bleach my teeth, since mine are pretty white. hahah.. :)

Rifki said...

I get the different effects with the benefits of coffee basicly.

it made me stomatchache. :(
read my story about coffee Manfaat lain kopi

Amelia said...

@mytheory : I don't like bleaching teeth also :p Just write this one because I saw so many ads about it
@rifky : SAME !! I also get stomachache when I drink coffee !

eBlog said...

really nice information about whitening teeth, that just give some ideas on reducing eating junk food for better teeth care.

Amelia said...

@eblog : Thank you :) Yes, I prefer care my teeth and food to whitening my teeth :p

H. Nizam said...

Valuable information about things we often ignore. Thanks

sakthi said...

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Mary Johnson said...

Very informative article!

Check out my dentist in Goodlettsville and the information at Rivergate Dental Care


Kevin said...

I've been reading on your post about this teeth whitening tips and I find it very helpful and informative, thanks for sharing this and I hope to see more of your post.

Amelia said...

@H. Nizam : ^_^ I think so
@sakthi : thanks :) I'll visit your blog
@mary : great :) wait for me
@kevin : thanks :) can't wait to see your blog

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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notebook centre said...

sip mbak, ini manis banget tipsnya, sangat berarti tuk nambah pengetahuan, sukses selaluuu

Free recipes said...

kalo gigi kita dah parah karena sering ngerokok gimana donk?

Randy said...

Hi, I always wanted to have such white-pearl like teeth however, the price of such procedure hinders me from having that dream. Moreover, all of the food mentioned above makes my tummy jump. I love eating beef, drinking wines, tea and as well as coffee. Oh, by the way,are chocolates causing stain as well?

In any case, do you know how much it will cause? Coz you know, I'd love to join my friend to see the dentist though. He is going to have his dental implants. Lexington SC is a place recommended by some of my colleagues, for according to them I can have cheaper yet quality services.

Amelia said...

@darren : Yea... age and health is somewhat opposite.. age increase=health decrease
@anonymous : I don't know too.. In fact, I never go to riyadh. IS it nice place? wish I can go there someday
@sheela : DON't SPAM !
@notebook : sama2 ^_^
@free recipes : nah itu yang saya ga ngerti. rajin2 ke dokter gigi kali ya?
@randy : me too :( my teeth is not that white maybe because when I was kid, I'm really lazy to brush my teeth (oopss). I don't know about chocolate. All I know is eating too many chocolate without brush your teeth can make you get toothache

Erik said...

Hi I am Eric Shneider of Virginia Islands. I am so in love with your blog!

Amelia said...

@Erik : Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Using baking soda is one great option for whitening your teeth at home. Many teeth whitening toothpaste brands actually use baking soda in them. Just take a small amount of baking soda from your pantry and made a paste with it by adding a bit of water. Use this paste as toothpaste on your brush. Be sure to be gentle, though.

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Teeth whitening products said...

Great read!

I love coffee. I spend a lot of time working in front of my computer and coffee is my best friend. Coffee helps me relax for a few minutes.

Amelia said...

@prowhite : oh really? nice ! I have baking soda at home.. maybe I should give it a try a little bit :)

@teeth whitening : Hahaha I don't really like coffee but I really love tea :D

wahab said...

Get that perfect smile in your face on your wedding day. Enhance that aura on your face and include yourself in your wedding preparation.
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Amelia said...

@wahab : thanks for commenting :)

Norm said...

Hi Amelia,

Excellent Teeth Whitening tips.

I was wondering would you be able to review or comment on any teeth whitening products on our website Teeth Whitening Products Reviews. As we are looking for real reviews from real people to give our readers a real perspective on what products work and dont


Jenna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicholas Ludwig said...

Discoloration is not a good thing. It makes a person self-conscious about his appearance. Always brush your teeth at least twice a day to prevent it. Sensitive teeth and gums should be brushed gently to avoid mouth bleeding.

Teeth Whitening Doylestown said...

I read over your blog.Intersting post and good information.
Thanks... :)

Teeth Whitening Allentown said...

Thanks for sharing us, this is a big help for me and to the others as well on how the proper teeth care should be. thanks again

Ed McGoldrick said...

Preventing teeth discoloration will be a big challenge to a person. Proper oral care must be maintained, if you want to secure pearly-white teeth. Do not forget to use the right toothpaste, and change your toothbrush every 2 or 3 months.

Amelia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ^_^ You kind words make me smile ^^

@Ed : I usually change my toothbrush every 3 months because they usually not in good shape anymore after 3 months ^^ Thanks for your advice!

Allentown Teeth Whitening said...

Excellent blog, witty and informative keep up the good posting!

Doylestown Teeth Whitening said...

Nice posting, thanks for sharing with us. It is more useful for me. Awesome post.

Amelia said...

@allenwotn @Doylestown : Thanks for dropping by ^_^ It's so nice to get kind words from you guys

Infection Control Products said...

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Admin said...

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Hertha Gearin said...

It is okay to use over-the-counter whiteners. Just make sure you buy them from reputable pharmacies or stores. But if you want a faster and more lasting result, consulting a licensed professional about cosmetic procedures would be a wise choice.

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