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Friday, March 20


Love story

I got this video from vania's blog. This is funny and interesting short clip :)

this is about "A girl who really likes a boy who really love his BMX". This is a true story from the director, Michelle, at 5 years old. She chased around her friend, Jason at school with her mother's nightie... :D


omnisimush said...

Haha very interesting :D

although in real life, it's usually the other way round
yeah mostly the guys who do everything they could to impress and be accepted by the girls they like

Amelia said...

Not really... Maybe because you are a boy. Many girls out there do everything they can to attract the boy they like. Example, they will change their style, hair, make-up, hobbies, lifestyle, etc just to attrach the boys...

Anonymous said...


Amelia said...

>_< kok malah ketawa van... >_<

Anonymous said...


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