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Tuesday, May 26


Welcome to Share-EverythingS

Welcome !
This is just a newbie's blog who is trying to improve her English :) When you know about this blog, maybe you think,

"Why is it 'everythingS' ? Should it be 'everything' with no S? Hello.. you should fix that, sis..."

Hahahah.. No, I won't. Why?? Let me tell you.. I know that 'everything' is written without S, but I just want to say that this blog is really about 'everything' ! not a single.. but many (tons in the future...) ! In English, we always put 's' or 'es' after noun to tell people that they are plural, not singular.. So I just want tell you (once again) that this blog is not just about A singular-everything. It is plural-everything(s).Everything about food, travel, christianity, movies, music, products, everything ! Maybe any English teacher who visit this blog will shout to me. But, hey, this is me :D A girl who likes to play with words :)

(English teachers.. please forgive me for breaking the rule.... And please correct me if there's any wrong tenses here-I'm sure there is :p)


And, why do I like sharing? Hmm... have you ever heard this quote, "giving is better than asking" ? I like this quote.. "Even the poor is provided by God" So basically, no one is really poor. We always have something to share.. ^^ so why don't I start sharing? Sharing is not always about money or asset, right ? ^^ even sharing a word of prayer is kind of "sharing"


Anonymous said...


ammadis said...

If we start to make a decision like this...never give up to improve with comments and critic...

Your blog is sweety...girly!

Cheers, friend!

Please, comment back in my blog to support me...THANKS!

Amelia said...

@salad :) smile back
@ammadis ^^ Thank you! Yap, I really need comments and critic right now as a newbie :)

Thank you for your comments ^_^

Evan Mintono said...

your blog is getting more and more EPIC me :D

Amelia said...

Thank you ^_^

RiP666 said...

whooaa...it is nice,,,

want to know more when u share everythingS ^^

nina octoviana said...

Hi Amel, I think your blog is so nice. I like your writing style.. keep learning and sharing.

Thankyou for visit & gimme a comment amel ^^ Regarding to your comment, of course you can put my article here

I'll put your link in my blog so I can visit u regularly.

Rohfun All in One Page Office Site said...

hello thanks for share great post i like


Amelia said...

@nina : Thank you ^_^ I put your link to here :)
@rohfun : Thanks :) I like your blog too

Blogger Pemula said...

pada ngomong pake bahasa apa yaaah
kok gak mudeng aku :(

Amelia said...

@bloggerpemula : ahahah.. ini namanya bahasa inggris :p

Rohfun All in One Page Office Site said...

hello great post i like it
thanks for share
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Deddy Irawan said...

I think this post is nice, same like me.
My English only got C in college before.
About link exchange?
Sure, why not?
Do you has a banner for your blog's?
Let me put yours first in mine =)

shevy said...

nice blog, thanks for visiting my blog.
Best regards from shevy

Amelia said...

@deddy : Ah.. I don't have banner yet >_< maybe I should make one.. Thanks anyway ^^ I've put your link (PS : I envy you and your payment! LOL just kidding)

@shevy : thanks shevy :) you have nice blog also you know?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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