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Wednesday, December 15

Craft : My First White Lamb Plush Stuffed (Handmade)

Hi,long time no see you. Few days ago, I bought many doll patterns. One of them is towel animal sheep. Because I have almost nothing to do, I start to cut the pattern and sewing using towel and felt. And.. Tadaaaa ! I made my first Towel Sheep ! Here it is my cute little lamb, 100% handmade.. Size = 6.5 x 4.3 x 2.75 inches. Material : Towel, felt

It has big eyes and made of child friendly materials. The towel is so soft and safe for children. You can wash it also and recommended for ages 3 and up. I plan to sell it for Christmas and New Year Eve. Maybe I'll add a black high hat, a silver bell, or else on it. Anyone wants a piece for $7 (20% discount for first 3 buyers) ? If yes, give comment to this post and tell me your location :) There will be a special discount for Indonesia and Malaysia - contact me for detail

"Craft" is my second hobby after "Drawing". Sometimes I made according to season. Believe it or not, I've made chocolate felt for Valentine Day, including the box ! I'll post the picture in the next few days :) Just be patience.. and see ya
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Sunday, December 5

Share Travel : Myrtle Beach Vacation Deals

First week of December, I'm already in Christmas spirit. I've already made plans for my holiday with traveling, doing some crafts and artworks, and so on. So how about you? Have you already made some plans for your holiday? How about a room with ocean view?

Situated along the beautiful South Carolina coastline, Myrtle Beach is one of top family vacation destinations in the world. I can tell you Myrtle Beach vacation deals that are great for you. First, open http://www.grandeshores.com. Grande Shores is an ocean resort located at the water edge's in Myrtle Beach. It offers weekly special, great vacation packages at special price and updated every week !

Because it almost the end of the year, I suggest you to try the New Years Eve Package. There're special prime ribs for beef lovers at $14.00 only and grilled chicken and shrimp only for $15.00. You can enjoy all that special dinner at Shoreline Cafe there. Yes, it will be perfectly suitable for your romantic dinner with your spouse or fun and cozy meals with your family or friends. You can book either a hotel room or condo to stay then wake up in the morning on the next day to enjoy all the entertainments around Grande Shores. And do you know what I love the most? This nice Myrtle Beach hotel, Grande Shores, features several different packages to meet all your golf vacation needs. Grande Shores also offers many special golf packages discount. We can play golf for few rounds in its best rate suitable for us and all arranged by Grande Shores. Isn't that awesome? So what are you waiting for? New Years Eve is 3 weeks afterwards !
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Sunday, November 28

Raisa - Next Singer from YouTube

Last month, maybe Raisa was nobody, only a Youtube member who likes to post her video, singing in her room, but few days ago, one of famous Indonesian band, RAN, found Raisa and interested in her beautiful voice. Below is the video of Raisa with her first single.

RAN decided to make Raisa the next singer in Indonesia. I think it's not impossible. Raisa has amazing voice, yet beautiful. In the video above, Raisa looks really confident and enjoy singing so much. She has jazzy and a little bit R'nB style in her voice. Hmmm I can't wait to see her next single :) I love her voice
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Tuesday, November 16

Why People Choose to Stay in Merapi and Not Flee

Until today, Mount Merapi still erupting, burst lava, stone, rock, and ashes. Few days ago, when I had a conversation with friend of mine, I said, "Look, later they (victims) will go back to Merapi, open a new field, farm, buy new livestocks, and start live there again like nothing happened." My friend, who is a foreigner, seems surprised and said, "What?? Are they dumb or what??"

That conversation was simple, only 2 sentences, but enough to gave me a plenty food of thought. Foreigner, usually see Indonesian people as a fatalistic, a trait believed to be behind their “silly decisions.” The myth of Indonesians as people driven by destiny has been confirmed for many by the notion that their behavior is driven by superstition and mysticism. The death of Mbah Maridjan, spiritual guardian of Merapi supports the assumption of that "silly".

Beside death, volcanic eruption also has another dangerous effects such as, ash particles are minute and can easily get into the lungs, volcanic ash can cause serious and lasting pulmonary conditions. Inhaled, they can make even the healthiest people fall ill. And they make those who suffer from asthma prone to experiencing severe shortness of breath and coughing fits. So Why People Choose to Stay in Merapi and not Flee?

There are factors, that if we look deeper, can explain everything. First, believe it or not, when you live in a country for years where natural disasters can happen anytime and where the resulting death tolls are often high, the concept of fatalism in your mind will be different. Example, traffic issue in New York. You who's living or ever lived in New York know how bad the traffic is. You won't be surprised about bad traffic anymore because you've known worse. See below news I got from an online magazine

A Portuguese psychology student of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta who visited an Indonesian evacuee camp to help the people deal with the psychological impact of the catastrophe, expressed shock at how the victims all seemed to be “fine.” They had been displaced by a major disaster and many had lost everything, but they weren’t crying as he had thought they would.

They just lost everything, belongings, homes, families, but I’m not sure they need me here,” he said.(Jakarta Globe)

Another factor, which is for me is the most important, most of Indonesian people believe in the afterlife. There are more believers than Europeans and Americans. We (I use "we" because I'm an Indonesian) believe that death is just a door to another phase of (eternal) life. We believe that there's nothing compared to God and He is so powerful that when He says, "Up", we'll be up and when He says, "Down", we'll be down. Maybe not all the victims think like that. It's just what most of Indonesians believe between human and God.

The last factor why they keep stay and go back to Merapi, and for me is the most logical, is vulcanic area is the most fertile land. especially after an eruption. Hot lava burn the soil, produce many oxygen, carbon, and many other substance that will make any plant that grow on it has top quality. Economically, it has more benefits and money than taking a job in a city. Water quality in vulcanic area also greater and purer than other place. Fresh, cool, and healthy. And one more, Mount Merapi doesn't erupt once a month. That's also an important thing that we have to start thinking of. Mount Merapi erupts once every 2-3 decade or more. Between that time, people can start a new life, run a family, have kids, build a new business, and more.

In my opinion, these people (victims) are not completely "fatalistic, a trait believed to be behind their silly decisions". They have their own reason that maybe not really fit with us but completely fit for them. The matter is just the way we look and analyze it, whether we are able to look deeper and stand on their position or not. Interesting, isn't it?
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Saturday, November 13

Pride Over Mount Merapi Eruption and Loss

Three days ago, my friend surprised me with a link about Mount Merapi that has been erupting since 5 days ago. It's about Pride, Victims, and Loss.

Lava and hot smoke from Mt. Merapi has flew 20 kms far. It washes away many villages and killed many people and livestocks. Many people go there to help and distribute donations, do everything what they can. Citizens open their door to stranger, cook food, give place to sleep, including church. Ganjuran Church in Bantul also open its door as many victims came asked for shelter and food, even though most of the victims are not christian.

Unfortunately, later some people with white long blouse and turban came, entered the church without permission and drove away victims out of the church just because it's a church, not a mosque ! The victims who were already so tired physically and mentally refused to go. They prefer stayed there, but this "unbelieveable-pride" people keep tried drove victims away. They almost had a fighting until Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (Governor of Yogyakarta) came. Funny thing is, Sri Sultan asked victims to move away. "Better we move then have a fight in this situation", said Sri Sultan.

Actually, who are these "unbelieveable-pride" people?
These people call themselves FJI = Front Jihad Indonesia (Indonesia Jihadd Committe). They think that let moslems entering church is a sin although they are victims and need shelter, food, etc to live.

For me, what this FJI did is so unbelieveable ridiculous and strange. Why?? Because the victims even not entered the church building ! Church asked the victims first whether they want to go in or not. Victims chose to stay outside the building, at church terrace and front yard. So why this FJI had to drove away them like that? Last one that made me felt sorry is, this FJI didn't even try to provide them shelter or food! They just tried to drove victims away. Isn't that sad?

I'm not saying that moslem is bad. Most of my friends are moslem also so I know that moslem is not like that. Yeah, like I've ever said in my previous posts, there's nothing wrong with the religion, but the people are.

How about us? Do we still keep our pride over Mt. Merapi eruption and loss and ignore that poke from God?
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Friday, October 29

Guaranteed Online Football Ticket in Ticketamerica

Hello, I have a little news for American Football fans.

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Ticketamerica provide many tickets, including Oklahoma Cornhuskers football tickets at the lowest possible price. Yes, TicketAmerica is the largest licensed online ticket broker that offers many selection of top quality event tickets, at the most competitive prices available, including high demand and sold-out events.

Not just the largest ticket seller, TicketAmerica is also the easiest ticket buyer. You don't have to be worry if you buy Miami Hurricanes football tickets too many. TicketAmerica will buy your ticket immediately. Isn't that nice?

So, how about qualified premium Florida State Seminoles Football Tickets ? Have you bought it ?
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Wednesday, October 27

Mentawai Tsunami and Merapi Eruption in 2 days in Indonesia

From sea to mountain. After a great earthquake (7.2 SR) and tsunami (4-6 meters high) washed Mentawai, West Sumatra, Indonesia in Monday, October 25th 2010 at 9.40 pm, yesterday Great Merapi Volcano in Central Java, Indonesia erupted.

16 people died in Merapi Eruption while thousand people from 3 district of Central Java, Klaten, Boyolali, and Magelang has been evacuated. One of the victims is Azza, 6 month old baby. In Mentawai, until this post is written, 122 people died and 502 people lost. They might be has been swept away by tsunami which was occured 2 hours after earthquake

Additional information :
- There were 47 aftershocks happened in Mentawai, one of them rocked 5.4 Scale Richer, before Tsunami happened
- Many people died and lost because Local Meteorology Department has made a mistake by announced that there wouldn't be a Tsunami (even though at that time,the sea level had decreased drastically by 10 meters height and earthquake happened). People believed in it, do activity like usual, and sleeping peacefully when Tsunami came
- Mbah Maridjan (Mr. Maridjan) who worked as Merapi keeper found dead in mosque near his home in praying position. At night when Merapi Volcano was erupting, some rescue team has tried to evacuate him, but he refused. He believed that he would be saved by Merapi's Spirit as long as he prayed. However, God has different plan...
-- Please pray for Indonesia --
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Tuesday, October 26

"Read More" and COLLAPSE full post in same page

Have you tried to put "Read More" and open full post page ? Want to try another one?
This "collapse" trick will open your full post in the same page (with a nice effect), without go to the single post page. This tricks will put "Read more" in every post you made automatically (including older posts). You can't choose how long is your post introduction. Nice but also has disadvantages. It's up to you....

First, like what we did before, Back-up your template just for in case..
DASHBOARD ► LAYOUT ► EDIT HTML ► click on the EXPAND WIDGET TEMPLATES in the upper right corner.

Using CTRL (Option) + F, find the following line of code:


Place this following code before that part, become like this:
<script language='javascript' src='http://halotemplates.s3.amazonaws.com/jquery-truncator/jquery-1.2.3.pack.js' type='text/javascript'/><script language='javascript' src='http://halotemplates.s3.amazonaws.com/jquery-truncator/jquery.expander.js' type='text/javascript'/><script type='text/javascript'>$(document).ready(function() {$('.excerpt').expander({slicePoint: 280, // default is 100expandText: '[...]', // default is 'read more...'});


Then, find this part of code (it may look a bit different in your template):
<div class='post-body entry-content'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

Ok, next... delete those code and REPLACE it with these code :
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<div class='excerpt post-body entry-content'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->
<div class='post-body entry-content'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

Save your template....

Note :
  • the code slicePoint: 280 shows the length of your post introduction. You can decrease or increase the number to make it shorter or longer)
  • the code expandText: '[...]' is code for the text "Read more" in your posts. You can change [...] to read more, see full post, continue reading, etc
  • if you can't find 'post-body entry-content', maybe it written as 'post-body'
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Monday, October 25

How to put "Read More" and OPENS full post page

This trick is very popular among bloggers to make short post introduction on homepage (teaser). By creating teaser-post, bloggers can save space to show their older posts's teaser. So how to apply this trick?

First, you have to back up your template, in case there is error.. Then follow these steps

DASHBOARD --> LAYOUT --> EDIT HTML, click on the EXPAND WIDGET TEMPLATES box in the upper right corner. Use CTRL + F and find the following code:


Place this following code after that part, become like this:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
span.fullpost {display:inline;}
span.fullpost {display:none;}

Next, find this part of code :

Place this following code after that part, become like this:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'>
<span style='font-weight:bold;'><span><a expr:href='data:post.url' target='_blank'>Read more!</a></span></span>

Save Your Template....

How to apply to your post ? Look at this :
Your short introduction of your post will be here
<span class="fullpost">
And the rest of your post here

...all you have to do is "surround" your text / pictures with "span"... Now, you can place "span" manually on every post you make.

Or you can make it appear every time you write a new post. You'll do that like this:
DASHBOARD ► SETTINGS ► FORMATTING, scroll down to the "Post Template" box, and place this code below:
Your short introduction of your post will be here
<span class="fullpost">
And the rest of your post here
Save Your Template...

Now, everytime you write a new post on Edit HTML, you'll find this code

IMPORTANT ! This code will open your full post page in a new window/tab. If you want to open it the same window, find this code first
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'>
<span style='font-weight:bold;'><span><a expr:href='data:post.url' target='_blank'>Read more!</a></span></span>

delete target='_blank' from that code, become like this
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'>
<span style='font-weight:bold;'><span><a expr:href='data:post.url'>Read more!</a></span></span>
Save Your Template.....

Note :
  • You still have to put "span" manually in your post (including your older posts before you edit your HTML)
  • You can change text "Read more" in that code with continue reading..., see more..., etc
Original Post by Blogbulk
Thanks for your tricks
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Friday, October 22

The Princess and The Frog - 2

Hi, everyone ! How are you? Last week I promised that I'll write the story behind The Princess and The Frog sketch I made. So, here I am, lay down on my bed, facing my laptop and start typing...

Princess : Hi, Mr. Frog !
Mr. Frog : Hi ! Err.. Why do you call me "Mr. Frog"?
Princess : You have big eyes, you're a frog :D
Mr. Frog : Yours are bigger than mine !
Princess : (laugh)
Mr. Frog : Ummm.. So what are you? A Princess??
Princess : Yaaay ! I'm a Princess ! Huh, wait, I don't want to kiss you.. (suddenly The Princess remembers about The Princess and The Frog's story)
Mr. Frog : (laugh out loud) Yeah yeah I know. You don't want to make me happy that much, rite?
Princess : (grin) Yap ! I don't want to make you happy that much !
(laugh together) Hahahaha... (deep silence..........)
Mr. Frog : Hmmmm.. Princess..?
Princess : Yes?
Mr. Frog : Will you give me a kiss? (staring at Princess)
Princess : Huh? (look into Mr. Frog's eyes) I didn't throw my ball to your pond. Why should I kiss you, Mr. Frog?
Mr. Frog : (laugh) You've thrown it. You just didn't notice it :P
Princess : (confuse,thinking) Ummmm... Even if I kiss you, I don't think you'll become a Prince....
Mr. Frog : (laugh again) I can't suddenly become a Human Prince, but at least I can become a human.. Hohoho
Princess : Why do you want to be a human? I'll still play with you every time even though you're just a Mr. Frog. (thinking) Oh, why don't you become a Frog Prince? So I don't have to kiss you right now
Mr. Frog :  I can't be just a Frog Prince, my Princess. This small body can't protect you from the Evil beings out there...
Princess : I can protect myself ! I'm a strong girl, you know?
Mr. Frog : (laugh) How come you're not a strong girl?? You're such a big eater !
Princess : HUH ! >:(
Mr. Frog : (laugh) Oh, come on, smile. Look, Mr. Rabbit is hiding in that hole because you suddenly hide your smile
Princess : (looking to the hole. Seeing a rabbit nose. Smile) OH look, I can see Mr. Rabbit's face (big smile) :D
Mr. Frog : I love your smile, my Princess. It's such a bright light for this Dark Woods.
Princess : (blushing)
Mr. Frog : You know what, my Princess, someday I'll become a human then I'll be a real Human Prince..!
Princess : Are you that desperately want to be a human? I come here everyday to play with you. Is that not enough for you?
Mr. Frog : Hmphhhhh..... There's someone I want to be with desperately. I can't be with her with this body...
Princess : Why?? She doesn't like you because you're a frog??
Mr. Frog : I don't know if she want to spend her rest of life with me if I'm just a froggie

Okay, people, do you understand the story above? If not, don't worry, I don't either (LOL) Read more!

Saturday, October 16

The Princess and The Frog

It's been long time I didn't post about myself. How am I? I'm fine :) struggling with my final project, designing "SPA Resort for Women in Bali" (I'm an architecture student). Last week, I got really bored and tired, so I made a pencil sketch, The Princess and The Frog - my version

(Click to enlarge)

So what do you think about that sketch? That's not Disney version. Hope you like it :) Actually, there's a story behind that sketch. Why I made that sketch? Hmm I'll tell you later. Now, I have to work on my final project :) Read more!

Saturday, October 2

Mathematics is simple and easy !

Most of us find difficulties in answering math questions. Not only in prime numbers, but also in algebra, trigonometry, etc. Math homework can be one thing that we don't want during summer holiday, especially if we can't find somebody who can help us finish it.

Thanks to Sir Timothy Berners-Lee who found World Wide Web, we can find online tutor to help us finish our homework anytime we need it. Tutorvista, the leading online tutoring company in world has served over 5,192,000 live tutoring sessions online in simple and easy way. They help their member get the desired edge in the subjects in one-on-one tutoring for K-12 to college students. We can get unlimited monthly tutoring for all subjects in 24x7 for only $99.99 a month. Not only math, we can also find physics help, chemistry help, and many more subjects.

Tutorvista provide us free demo for first time user where we can try the service for free, including chemistry homework help (which I'm sure make most of us dizzy with all that formula on paper). For us who think that we just need instant tutoring for only algebra, geometry help, etc, we can purchase 1 hour monthly for only $7.5 or 3 hours monthly for $20.00 (K-12 tutoring). Tutoring for college student can be purchased from (only) $12.50 monthly for 1 hour!

So what are you waiting for ? Let's say , "Mathematics is simple and easy!"
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Saturday, September 25

Share Edu : Free Homework Help with Tutornext

Morning, everyone :) How are you today? (It's morning here)

Yesterday, my little sister asked me to help her finishes her math homework. My sister should go to tutorial place on that day, but she stayed home because of heavy rain. While helping her, I begin to think, it will be much nicer if we have online tutorial for math. We don't have to worry about rain and else for solving math word problems. Then, I found that Tutornext offer FREE homework help and online math tutorial for K-12 and college students. Unfortunately, I found it after my sister's homework finished. So, what is Tutornext?

Tutornext is an online tutoring website by best online tutors. We can get online assistance in resolving problems encountered in many subjects like biology, English, science, chemistry, physics, math, from the experts who have been teaching students for years, including college algebra

Tutornext.com offer Free Math Help with expert tutors for free so we can have a demo session to know how they work. Nice, isn't it? K-12 and college students will get one-on-one supplemental education as often as we need, wherever and whenever we want. They ensure us understand the subjects and have good values in them. Factoring polynomials, geometry, linear programming methods, etc will not be our biggest problem anymore with their help. They ensure that we will get the best services and guidance with convenient and affordable price in Tutornext.com Read more!

Saturday, August 21

Share Shops : Home Electronics and Audio

Hi, everyone! Share Shop for today is chucksaudiovideo.com. They sell all kind of home electronics and audio in one place. Besides lcd and mp3 players, we can find cd/dvd storages, batteries, cable, DIY tools, switcher, antennas, even gaming chair ! If you're into home theater and audio entertainment, this may be the right place for you.

---- Let's shopping ! ----
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Answer Buddha : Answer all your question

Another unique website I found today is AnswerBuddha, a place for questions, answers and information. Below are the screenshots of questions posted in

Quite interesting, isn't it? We can find many answers here from math to music, from fashion to CSS code and many more. Its simple design really suitable for people who have slow internet connection (like me!).
Has any question? Find the answer now :) Read more!

Tuesday, July 27

How to Increase Your Youtube View

Since created by three paypal employees in February 2005, Youtube has been the biggest Video Streaming website in world. Many singers, musicians, internet marketers become popular because of their video advertisements in Youtube. But how to get a great numbers of viewers like them?? Okay, here I tell you...
Buying views can be a great way to increase your Youtube rank. You can get a lot of guaranteed viewers to your video. One site I can suggest to you is IncreaseYoutubeViews. They don’t use bots or proxies to view your video unlike other services. Yes, they're 100% human! Another great thing are their price is cheap and if you find another website with cheaper price, just contact them then they will beat it by 5%!
So why do you still read this?? 
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Tuesday, July 20

Say Something with Unique Greeting Cards

Ancient Chinese and Egyptian have used Greeting Cards since before 1400s using papyrus. Since 1850s, greeting cards is a way of communication and gift, followed by new trends like Holiday Cards, especially Christmas.

Although E-card has been used for 26 years, greeting (paper) cards is still popular. Today, most people looking for letterpress holiday cards because it's has unique and beautiful touch that's not easy to print. The letters were inked and impressed into sheets of paper using plates. The plates leave deep path in paper giving nice touch and feel. You can buy this stuffs online or made it by yourselves

So how about get a nice Holiday Photo Cards with your lovely one?
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Monday, July 19

Bali (local) Kite Festival 2010 in Bali, Indonesia

Really long time not visiting my own blog, I'm surprise that there're people visiting this blog ! Thank you very much!!! I feel so sorry that I didn't updated my blog.. So here it is my first post after months !

In July 23-25th 2010, there'll be Bali Kite Festival in Sanur Beach, Bali Island (province), Indonesia. Below are some photos from last year Bali Kite Festival

Traditional giant kites (4 meters in width and almost 10 meters in length) are made and flown competitively by teams from the villages (banjar) of Denpasar. The event is a seasonal religious festival intended to send a message to the Hindu Gods to create abundant crops and harvests. Bebean (fish-shaped), Janggan (bird-shaped) and Pecukan (leaf-shaped) are three traditional kites flown during this kite festival. The kites are flown by teams of 10 or more adult kitefliers. The Janggan form has a broad flowing cloth tail that can reach more than 10 meters in length !

A gamelan orchestra plays music throughout the festival. The festival attracts many visitors and international kite-fliers, along with many local spectators. 

What a great team building events for your groups to get involved in?
Creative Commons License Copyright licensed by :Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. We allow people to copy and distribute our work provided they give us credit - URL backlink to the article or to the our homepage,http://share-everythings.blogspot.com.
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Saturday, April 3

Share-Things goes to PR 4 !

This is an awesome surprise from Google. Almost 1 month I didn't post any but Google increase my Page Rank to 4 (from PR 2) ! Thanks for everyone who's support this blog and I'm sorry I can't update this blog too often. I'm doing my final project now...

PageRank Checking Icon

Thanks for everyone ^_^

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Sunday, March 28

Mercedes Benz "Batik" Edition

After talk about how to get money, let's talk about this limited edition stuff.

For long time a go, Batik’s method or technique does not changing. You can find so many Batik product spread at all Indonesia regions with many patterns and colors which able to generate impressively style. But, today, not only cloth use this pattern, but car also. Yes! A car!.

What is Batik ? >>

Batik is typical way of making pattern for dress or cloth. According to an article at Wikipedia Indonesia, making of batik can refer to two things.  

First : the technique of coloring cloth using the wax to prevent only part coloring of the fabric. In the international literature, this technique is known as a wax-resist dyeing.  

Second : a cloth or clothing made with these techniques, including the use of certain motifs that have specificity. Indonesian Batik (batik dress), as the overall technique , technology, development and cultural motives related, defined by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage for Humanity Oral and Nonbendawi (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) since October 2, 2009.

A luxurious Mercedes Benz C250 Avant Garde was successfully modified by applied Batik pattern into all of its body. Of course it's not easy. Batik have complex pattern, which have its own proportion rule. But there's a woman that succeed applied this enormous pattern on this 3-layer-skin car !

batik mercedez benz c250

Carmanita, a woman who able to conjure a car worth 670 Million IDR ($ 72.8 K) to be a masterpiece, is a daughter of Mrs. Sud, famous Batik's artist in Indonesia. Actually this is a joint project from Mercedes Benz Indonesia to realize Batik at this car. Then, she got a trust and had been chosen to handle the project. Really a difficult project, but with her whole ability and efforts, she can complete the project perfectly. The pattern was designed by her own imagination together with her expert team (5 air-brush winner for national competition). It was truly amazing, Mercedes Benz C250 finally sold 1 Billion IDR ($ 108.7 K) in charity auction event at Jakarta. Maybe later, we can applied this "Batik" to all stuffs

Creative Commons License Copyright licensed by :Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. We allow people to copy and distribute our work provided they give us credit - URL backlink to the article or to the our homepage,http://share-everythings.blogspot.com.
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Monday, March 1

Paid-Review Decreases Quality of Your Writting/Blog?

It depends.......

I found a website/blog that its paid-article doesn't related to any topic on blog but written in really interesting way. 
I found a website/blog that its paid-review related to topic on blog but not written in interesting way. 
I found a website/blog full of good-written paid-review, related to blog's topic, written in very nice style, but not written by the owner (he/she paid (a) ghostwriter(s) for the articles).

Actually, is Paid-Review Decreases Quality of Your Writing/Blog? Once again, it depends..
My previous article about 'LinkFromBlog', a paid-review service,  make me know that not all people interesting on it. Why ?
1. Consumes time
2. Not easy to get approved by the advertisers
3. Most of them have to be written in good grammar English on English blog

Honestly, and no offense, it will be decrease Quality of Blog if :
1. Post paid-review that not related to any topic on blog
2. Use translator without check and edit the post (believe me, translator software is not that good when translate more than 2 sentences)

Then, once again, no offense, paid-review will be decrease Quality of Writting if :
1. Use translator without check and edit the post (ouch..! So please check the translated post once again before we post it)
2. Pay (a) ghostwriter(s) to write the article. This is such a nice way to get approved by advertiser. I've ever done it too. Big smile carved on my face when my post got approve but I almost can't fell the 'SPLASH!' in my heart. When my other post, written by myself, approved by advertiser, ouh.. I can heard big SPLASH! in me

So how to Increase the Quality both of them? I guess, you've known the answer long before you read this article.
Write paid-review related with our Blog's topic by ourself and do double-check if using translator software..

If you get stuck and pay a ghostwriter, that's okay. I won't force you to not to do it. Here is the trick, after your ghostwriter-article approved by advertiser, learn how they put word by word, grammar, sentences, paragraphs in such a good way. Try it by your self over and over until you can be good as them, or even better...Usually, people get bored when reading article with 'advertisement words' but if we can write it in such nice-style, that will be great !

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Friday, February 26

Share-Blog-Things : Paid Review from LinkFromBlog -updated

Some people may know about online business. Some people have to invest some amount of money to grab bucks and other don't. Few months ago I heard about "Paid to Review" or PTR. You don't have to invest money to get paid. From what I read/heard, this is very recommended for people who own blog/website. I use this to add article on my blog when I got blank idea for next article (I can get money and add quantities of posts in the same time).

The steps are very easy :

1. Create account
2. Submit blog/website
3. Do review-order or take opprotunities
4. Get money
updated : some people might see this as boring thing, but for me, this is interesting way to get income from blog. Make blog become bugs?? Choose topic related to your blog and keep post your real articles. Paid review have precentage rules between paid articles and not.
Usually we need blog with Page Rank minimum 1 or 2 but last month my friend told me there's PTR service that accept blog with Page Rank 0 !
It's called LINK FROM BLOG.

You can advertise on blogs too by place order and let people write about your product on their blog/website (It support many languages even Indonesian!). Things you have to know (and I think this is important) is the size of your review (copied from TOS)

Blog post must conform to size specified in the task (Post, Short review or Detailed review). Recommended sizes for posts of each type:
a) Post: 1-2 sentences, no more than 250 characters total, must contain not more then 1 (one) hyperlink, which can be seen on permalink page only ( not shows on the main blog page). Up to 3 Posts in the same post are allowed, if the opposite is not explicitly stated in the Advertiser's task.
b) Short review: 1-2 paragraphs, no less than 300 characters total, not exceeding 1000 characters. It may contain more then one hyperlink, which must be visible on blog homepage.c) Detailed review: a unique text, prepared by the owner of the blog, not shorter than 1000 characters, detailing the site, services, products or other. It may contain more then one hyperlink, which must be visible on blog homepage.
If you make wrong size post, your article will be declined. Just do it consider the portion you've been ordered and you will be safe. So what do you think? Ready to try this PTR service and monetize your blog? I, myself has tried many PTR.. and this one will be my next experiment...

another good things is : It support many languages even Indonesian !
Advertise with my Blog

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Monday, February 15

Updated Article

Realize that most of my visitor come from my beloved country, Indonesia, I'm planning to put Indonesian translation on my article. But I don't want to use Google Translator widget. Why? Because it make a mess.

Yesterday, I use Google Translation to translate History Of Valentine from wikipedia to Indonesian. You can guess the result. The meaning of  that history is a mess. Most of the sentences have different meaning. Google Translation is good for translate phrase but not for 1 long sentence or more sentences (more than 7 words). 

Right now, I will not make more blog in Indonesian. Two blogs have already consumed my time. So I'll just make new article in Indonesian or just give additional information on my previous article.

How can we know which article is updated in Indonesian?? 
Don't worry, I'll put that article up (edit the time so it will be the newest article)... have a nice day Read more!

Sunday, February 14

Valentine is Forbidden? - updated with Indonesian translation !

The most interesting fact for me is "Valentine is Forbidden".

updated : for 21 years I live in Indonesia, I just knew this fact today ! OMG.. how can I'm not updated with these news?

I know this from some friends. A religion in Indonesia (or maybe some) see this day as Satan Day. Why?
1. People use this day to do free-sex
2. Identic with party and somehow, alcohol and drugs. Depend on how they celebrate Valentine

Strange. Yes, for me it's strange. What is the history of Valentine? Does Valentine does free-sex, drugs, and alcohol? No ! Does he teach people to do that?? NO !

updated : So, is western culture wrong? Hmm.. Western culture it is not wrong. What is wrong is the people who screwed up the culture. Same like Indonesian culture. There's nothing wrong with Indonesian culture. The wrong one is the people who make Indonesia marked as "lazy and corrupt"-culture owner

History of Valentine(source: wikipedia)
Numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine.

The Early Medieval acta of either Saint Valentine were expounded briefly in Legenda Aurea. According to that version, St Valentine was persecuted as a Christian and interrogated by Roman Emperor Claudius II in person. Claudius was impressed by Valentine and had a discussion with him, attempting to get him to convert to Roman paganism in order to save his life. Valentine refused and tried to convert Claudius to Christianity instead. Because of this, he was executed. Before his execution, he is reported to have performed a miracle by healing the blind daughter of his jailer.

Legenda Aurea still providing no connections whatsoever with sentimental love, appropriate lore has been embroidered in modern times to portray Valentine as a priest who refused an unattested law attributed to Roman Emperor Claudius II, allegedly ordering that young men remain single. The Emperor supposedly did this to grow his army, believing that married men did not make for good soldiers. The priest Valentine, however, secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men. When Claudius found out about this, he had Valentine arrested and thrown in jail. In an embellishment to The Golden Legend provided by American Greetings, Inc. to History.com and widely repeated, on the evening before Valentine was to be executed, he wrote the first "valentine" himself, addressed to a young girl variously identified as his beloved, as the jailer's daughter whom he had befriended and healed, or both. It was a note that read "From your Valentine."

 The Valentines honored on February 14 are Valentine of Rome (Valentinus presb. m. Romae) and Valentine of Terni (Valentinus ep. Interamnensis m. Romae). Valentine of Rome was a priest in Rome who was martyred about AD 269 and was buried on the Via Flaminia. His relics are at the Church of Saint Praxed in Rome, and at Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland.

Valentine of Terni became bishop of Interamna (modern Terni) about AD 197 and is said to have been martyred during the persecution under Emperor Aurelian. He is also buried on the Via Flaminia, but in a different location than Valentine of Rome. His relics are at the Basilica of Saint Valentine in Terni (Basilica di San Valentino).

No romantic elements are present in the original early medieval biographies of either of these martyrs. By the time a Saint V:alentine became linked to romance in the fourteenth century, distinctions between Valentin'e of Rome and Valentine of Terni were utterly lost.


Pada awal zaman medieval (abad ke-14), Valetine dijatuhi hukuman mati oleh Raja Romawi Cladius II. Sebelum kematiannya, Raja Claudius II mengajak Valentine untuk berdiskusi dan meminta Valentine membantu rencana politiknya. Rencananya adalah melarang semua pemuda untuk memiliki pasangan hidup dan harus terus membujang. Raja Claudius percaya, adanya wanita dalam hidup laki-laki akan membuat laki-laki tersebut tidak bisa menjadi tentara yang berkualitas. Valentine menolak hal tersebut dan menyelenggarakan pemberkatan pernikahan secara diam-diam. Akhirnya Valentine terus mendekam di penjara.
Saat berada di penjara, ia jatuh cinta pada seorang putri penjaga dan menyembuhkan mata sayang putri tersebut yang buta. Sebelum dijatuhi hukuman mati, ia mengirim surat cinta ke putri tersebut dengan diakhiri kata "Dari Valentine-mu"

Pada tanggal 14 Februari lainnya, dua orang diberkati dengan nama Valentine yaitu Valentine dari Temi dan Valentine dari Roma
Valentine dari Roma adalah seorang martir (mati karena membela Tuhan) di tahun 269 dan dimakamkan di Via Flamia. Reliefnya ada di Gereja Saint Praxed dan di Gereja Whitefriar Steret Carmelit di Dublin, Ireland.

Valentine dari Terni menjadi uskup Interamna tahun 197 merupakan martir yang dieksekusi oleh Kaisar Aurelian. Dia pun dimakamkan di Via Flamina, di tempat yang berbeda dari Valentine Roma. Reliefnya ada di Basilica of Saint Valentine di Terni.

Tidak ada unsur roman dalam dua Valentine ini. Dokumen tentang Valentine dari Roma dan Valentine dari Terni juga hilang

For me, there's nothing wrong with those St. Valentine(s)... From reading the history, I begin to realize that actually Valentine day is a day to remember that "Love need sacrifice and must be respected as it's not easy to get". Not Satan Day/ Free-Sex Day.

That's why, I'm soooo confuse... If that's the bad-people who do the sins, then why they have to blame St. Valentine(s) and forbid Valentine? Do they not respect the death of St. Valentine and efforts he had done? OR do they want to remain single like those Roman's army men? This fact, is really interesting....

Actually, there's 2 versions of History of Valentine. The first one is what I get from wikipedia, Valentine as a martyr and Saint. The second one is Valentine(s) as a raper, playboy, sinner, and lecherous people. Which one is right? For now, I just can say, it's up to you. If you see Valentine(s) as a Saint, learn from them and become good person. If you see Valentine (s) as a Lecherous, don't do what they do. Simple.

I can't put the second version of Valentine (sinner) because it will show which religion(s) I mentioned.. I'm afraid it will nudge some people/groups

So, what should we do? Forbid it or receive it? It's up to you.. For you who believe that Valentine is "Love" day, show your love to your parents, family, friend, spouse, etc in normal and ethical way. For you who believe Valentine is "Satan Day", don't do free sex, alcohol, drugs forever in your life as that's the reason why you see Valentine is Satan Day...

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SPAM ? What is that?

What is SPAM? From my conversation with my buddy in YM, he said

you are doing SPAM while you inform some body not to do it to you. That is not fair anyway
How to prevent spam?
Tell the person who sent Spam message to you that you don't will to get any information from him/her (but if you want like some categories, tell your friend also, what information you like to receive and not). If you don't tell him/her, how can your friend know you don't will it?? Also, don't even try to report someone as spammer if you don't do anything to help them not become spamming. You have rights to report if you've told them that you don't want any updates from them. Just try to play fair.

Blog Comment
Use comment moderation so you can choose which comment you'd like to publish

Try to not write your email address on your blog/website in text. Try http://services.nexodyne.com/email/. This service can convert your email address into picture so Spam robots can't crawl into your inbox.
If you still get spam email from the same sender over and over though you told him/her, block the sender.

But how to not become spammer??
It's not easy. What? So it's okay to become spammer? NO ! Why I said that it's not easy? Because....

1. Most people stay QUIET when they get information they don't want for first and second time. They smile in front of you but mocking you behind. Report it right away without give any suggestion. It's like, hit you with giant stone, leaving you dead, washed their hand, then walk away

2. How come we know they don't will it? If we spread information about "How to get $100/day even though you don't have website/blog", how many people will refuse it? Or if we spread information about, "Be Careful ! People able to know your PIN and Account Number after you did transaction on ATM!", how many people don't like to read it?

So, how to not become spammer??
After you know who want which information, make a buddy list and only send according on your information category. But how if I want to give news about security like ATM problem above? Just sent it but write "If you feel this is also a spam information you don't want, tell me right away. Don't just stay quiet and report". It's sound a little bit rude. But I've experienced this.

I use "sent to all" 3 times to the same person. What did I get? For the first and second message, he stays quiet. But then, after third message, he said "Don't even dare to spam on YM I'll notice and delete it and than report it to yahoo". Is it good? No. Why don't he told me from the first time? And then, he told me "I just not agree that you not allowed other people to SPAM you while you did it to other". Same here buddy. But I always told 'spammer' at least after he/she spammed me 2 times. That's fair.

Same with messenger

Not give unnecessary (trash) comment(s) on post. Read the post before you give comment ! If you don't understand, leave it or ask.
That's all from me today on this Valentine day dan Chinese New Year
Happy Valentine and Chinese New Year

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Blogger Top Contribution Official Blog Star - Why they don't help people on Blogger Help Forum?

Blogging for almost one year, I begin to realize that there's something wrong with Google Help Forum. It's not help !

Month ago, one of my blog considered as spam but I'm so clueless why it's happened. So I began to cross checked with T.O.S, any information about spam, asked people, but they told same thing "Your blog seems okay. You should ask in Blogger(google) Help Forum especially to Top Contributor Official Blog Star. They're expert in blogger things". So I did it. But I get nothing.... Do you what replies I got form them? Below is the quotes :

We have a simple, 4 step protocol, which has been proven effective, when properly used.  Please do, in this order, without awaiting response from any previous step:

1. Read the articles, cited below.  Learn how to do steps #2 and #3, and why we have this problem.  Help us to help you, and to help others.
2. Submit a review request.
3. Submit an appeal.
4. Do not wait for a response from either Steps #2 or #3.  Post here, stating that you have executed steps #2 & #3 (and when did you do so?), and providing the BlogSpot URL(s) of the blog(s).

If you miss one step, the restore won't work.  You need to do #1, then #2, then #3, then #4.  These are not mindless formalities, they are logical progression, and they help us to help you better.


This is a constant problem, and you're not being singled out.  Get to work - you can do Steps #1 - 4 in an hour, and move on with your life.




So you have done Step #2.  Now, do Steps #1, #3, then #4.  This should take you less than an hour.

Just do it, and get it done.

Seems helpful? Actually not ! I read it, and nothing answer my questions. Blame spammer? Is that the only one we can do? In fact, the last articles just talk about how bloggers react when their blog considered as spam. It seems the author like to see others as animal.

Next replies :
Your blog has been deemed by Google to violate their Terms of Service and will not be restored. 

Hmm excuse me.. I'm searching for "why". It's not help but someone marked this question as "best answer". So I repeat my questions and I get answer from ToP Star to read articles again..
Sorry, Arne.  All good things end some day.  Blogger has reviewed your blog.

Your blog will, quite likely, not be unlocked.

I will close now, with a link to an instructional post of mine.


And, I'll paraphrase advice from Blogger.


"Spam blogs cause various problems, beyond simply wasting a few seconds of your time when you happen to come across one. They can clog up search engines, making it difficult to find real content on the subjects that interest you. They may contain material that's been scraped from other sites on the web, and may use other people's writing to make it look as though they have useful information of their own. And if an automated system is creating spam posts at an extremely high rate, it can impact the speed and quality of the service for other, legitimate users."

And, I'll thank you in advance for your understanding of Blogger's position. 
Helpful? Not at all....It's not help. The author say that I'm a Turkey who only can gobble without reason. When someone doesn't get answered, is it wrong and not "humanism" to ask more and more? And again, this answer mark as "Best Answered". oh my....
And that's it.. no more reply from "Top Star". So I send feedback on forum. Say how I disappointed with the service. Is it wrong to say like that? No. Feedback can be 2 types, good one or the bad one. I just summary all the "unhelpful" reply I got and asked one more time for help. I'm still clueless until now. What did I got? Guess it :

Here's my latest contribution, which describes the review process.  I hope that it will enlighten you.  You had the final review, and the decision of the umpires cannot be appealed.

Hello? Review process? Did I ask about review process? I think I'm not. Is my explanation up there not clear? I don't ask about how Top Contributor Official Blog Star check my blog. I've known it. I'm asking "what's wrong with my blog?"

I'm trying to get answered about why my blog considered as spam, not trying to get answered how is review process
If these Top Star don't know why my blog considered as spam, just say it, "I don't know". It's okay. I won't blame them for something they don't know. But I don't like it when they act like they know but actually they don't.
I'm not offense Google or Blogger (who am I to do that?). I just asked, "What's wrong with my blog?".

I'm really disappointed with Blogger(google) Help Forum. If those Top Star mock me, I don't mind, just do it I won't be angry. But I really don't like it when they act like they know but actually they don't. 

I begin to confuse what is this forum for.. To make someone being Top Contributor Star and get compliment as much as he/she can, or to help people? I don't know how much Star in this forum. But if all Stars act like this: marked unhelpful answer as "Best Answer", don't care about clueless people, offer unhelpful articles, soon people will find that this forum is not helpful at all.. I hope people who are Official Blog Stars and "wanna be Star" considered this to improve the quality of Official Stars.... Don't be over proud of the authority you have or you will have..

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Friday, January 22

How to Fix your Error Shoutmix

Maybe some of you face this problem. Today, suddenly some shoutmix didn't work. Some Blog-walkers can't put their link. This is so crucial since blog-walking is the common way to increase blog/website's traffic. So these tips may be useful...

1. Prune Messages
Delete all messages and refresh. You'll get your new shoutmix immediately.
Step :
- Login to shoutmix.com
- See General -> Prune Messages

- Choose Delete All Messages
- Type in your password then click Apply

But this doesn't guarantee for long time. If this happen again, you have to replay this step over and over...

2. Change with other widget
 Tired of doing 1st step over and over? Then you can choose this 2nd step. I suggest you to change your widget with another chat widget for a while..

Option :

Shoutmix.widget.me has similar template with shoutmix but you can't put any smiley nor change local time.

3. Upgrade to Premium
If you want to get more facilities, you can upgrade to Premium with $3/month

Okay, now you have fixed your shoutmix, but how can you promote your link??

1. Put Url on your message
You can do blogwalking and put your link on your message without www or http://

example : share-everythings.blogspot.com

6. Blogwalking to Premium Shoutmix
You can do blogwalking like usual on Premium shoutmix like:
- Kolom Tutorial
- O-om

7. Blogwalking to Chat box user except Shoutmix
Do blogwalking to another chat box user, example cbox. Some bloggers use cbox instead of Shoutmix. Great, isn't it?.

8. Comment
If you can't find another chat box, do comments ! Go to your friend's page and give comment. But remember ! Don't spam on their blog !

9. Be Active in Forum
This can be great alternative if you are an active member in forum. You can still "say hi" and promote your link.

Hope this article is helpful.. And I really really hope "shoutmix" problem will be fixed as soon as possible

For Indonesian version, you can go to this link : Mas Doyok (aka original poster)

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Google Hacked by A Girl from China

Google's recently expressed readiness to withdraw from China and to close all their operations there. The reason, the search engine giant has not put up with waves of attacks launched by hackers from the bamboo curtain country.

Beautiful hacker from China named Xiao Tian forced to leave Google in China

David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer of Google says, it found a "very sophisticated attack" that comes from China on Google's infrastructure.

"The attacks made us decide to review the feasibility of our business operations in China," Drummond called Google's official blog, January 12, 2010.

Google to choose step back from China showed the enormity hacker community in the country.

Until July 2008, an estimated 4 million people have joined in hacker communities hackers. One of them is a special group of hackers who call themselves women Cn Girl Security Team.

This hacker group led by the Hunan-born girl, 6 September 1989 named Xiao Tian.

In mind, we might imagine that a hacker is a typical teenager growing up, with improvised performances - if not exactly a bad way - with thick glasses, a heavy smoker, unkempt hair unkempt and rarely shower for most of his life in front of the computer .

Apparently not the case with Xiao Tian. Although she mentions often stay up and the occasional smoke, but it looks very neat. At a glance, see the appearance, you may be surprised that he was a leader of a group of hackers whose members reach more than 2,200 people hackers women.

Xiao Tian said, she made the group because she feels that there needs to be a place for teenage girls like, who feel left out of the crowded world of hackers by hackers man who thinks that hackers women do not have enough skills.

Slowly but surely, Xiao Tian and the group began to break hackernya male dominance in the world of hacking. They aimed for celebrity status that carried by the hackers in China and opened up opportunities 'career' which is available tempting for a hacker who has a high reputation.

Although hackers club members Xiao Tian still relatively small compared with the population of hackers in China, but the 'organization' hackernya may be one of the biggest female group of hackers in China.

Scott Henderson, a retired U.S. soldier who is an observer and author of The Dark Visitor: Inside the World of Chinese Hackers never mentioned in the Indian DNA. "Unique Aspects of China's hackers sense of nationalism and collectivism. This contrasts with the western stereotype that hackers are generally independent and working individually in the basement of their residence, "he said.

However, lately, a trend that happens is 'cyber army' is fragmented and form a criminal capitalists and began to leave their sense of nationalism.

However, Henderson said, a time when there is a conflict involving China, the hacker would have to mobilize their groups and engage in a virtual world wars. And when the time comes, 'general' Xiao Tian will probably be one of China's leaders the army.

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Thursday, January 7

New haircuts? Why not?

Yes, why NOT ? Having new haircut can bring a new atmosphere around you. So what is the trend for 2010? Many of the top hairstylists were asked their opinion on what will be the most popular hairstyles in 2010. They have 3 tips for this season :

1. Diversity
Diversity is the key thing for 2010 .There will always be people who like long hair and those who like short hair, so cuts and styles will be adapted to the individual. Everything is a strong look that makes a big statement.

2. Versatility
Versatility will dominate in 2010.Versatility is a theme or idea for 2010 haircuts which more than one hairdresser predicts.We’ve grown accustomed to change and we will want to change our hair on a whim. Haircuts that allow styles to be easily maintained and yet allow maximum flexibility will be popular.

3. 2010 Popular Hair Color
Color is a mix of extremes, then what is the fashionable hair color in 2010. Bright shades created with metallic color will make anyone stand out. A more subdued look will also be popular, where color is blended for a soft, finished look.

The example is the strong look from short haircut of Rihanna. Yes, Rihanna seems to be the trendsetter of short haircuts. Some people say, Rihanna the BEST HAIRSTYLES IDEAS for 2010 ! Look at these

Amazing isn't it? You don't like Rihanna's style? Don't worry.. Check these out !

What are the keywords of 2010 trends for short hairstyles? Here they are....
* pixies
* piecey layers
* bold color
* asymmetry
* bowl-shaped cuts
* texture
* retro
* funky bangs
* big hair

And what about you who want to keep your long or medium hair? That's okay. A retro wave with fresh look, one side bang, or straight haircuts can light up your day in this 2010. Look at these...

Emo haircuts, that allows the expression you style and creativeness also become 2010 trend. The basic looks of Emo, which are short, or very long and dark (or light) hairstyles, looks great in asymmetricla lines and different color. But most people prefer to dye them black or totally light

A little touch of color dye can make your hair even more beautiful. So you have to make it blond? No ! If you have black hair, then it's your luck. Many celebrities dyed their hair become black to make a strong and independent looks. If your hair is black, try to give some metallic or light shades. It will make anyone stand out looking for your sexy haircuts. Look at these celebrities who dyed their color become black, nearly white, or just a simple natural color.

So have you got any ideas for new haircuts in 2010 ? New haircuts? WHY NOT ? Read more!

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