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Friday, October 30

ShareThings goes to PR 2 !

Woohooooo !!!

Thanks God, Google, and my beloved readers, now my blog has PR 2 ! few minutes ago I saw many friends of mine got their PR increase. So I decided to see my PR button on my blog. "PR 1/10". Hmm.. nothing change. So I thought, okay, this is not my luck. I need to post more and get more visitor. Theeennnn... I visited one of my friend's blog and see that he got PR 2 but his PR button doesn't change at all. First thing come on my mind was "I should check my PR !"

Go to http://prchecker.info, I type my blog address and waiting in curiousity.. And.. Tadaa.. "PR 2/10" ! Big smile crafted on my face. I began to click "next", "next", and "next" to get this updated PR button and put it on my blog ! Woohoooooo !! *dancing dancing dancing dancing"

For you who don't see anything change on your blog PR, better check it at http://prchecker.info and get updated PR button Read more!

Wednesday, October 28

My Simple sketch I

Actually, this is a little embarrassing to show my not-good-sketch.. But I just so happy with this sketch :p So I thought, why don't I put this sketch on blog? and let people give comments and critics? So here are my sketches..

Feel free to give comments and critics :)

With Adobe Photoshop 7

Jingle - Bell
Pencil and color Pencil

Snow White

Fox Girl
Poster color (? indonesia=cat poster)

Fly Over

My homework

My homework 2

Totem Dance

A Lady

I was The Tree
No New Sketch

That all my sketch I can found ! Yeah.. usually I just throw or give it away my sketch. I only keep few of them.. :) Once again, feel free to give comments and critics :) Read more!

Sunday, October 25

It help you better

How many of you have been spanked or shout by your parent when you are kid ? No need to answer. Me, myself, have been shout so many times when I was kid. Or how many of you find difficulties when you got divorce with your children in the middle of drama?

I think most of us don't like to be shout or spanked by their parent; And most of us don't like to stuck between partner like Hell and children through a divorce. Have you ever heard about parenting class? Years ago, this kind of classes were made to help parent educate and communicate with their children better, but later, this kind of class is used to help people run through a divorce. Sometimes, because of a divorce, relationship between our ex-partner, new spouse, or even children become worse. And still we are too shy to attend a parenting class. Did you know that parenting class has attorneys and counselors who will teach you communication skills that will help you have better relationship with new partner, spouse, and your children also?

This class is not bad at all. It will help us to maintain ourselves and our beloved family. Forget about "I don't have time". I think we have to "have time" about this one. Divorce is a sensitive issue for us, our partner, children, and family.

Don't let a divorce make you and your beloved one become depressed. If you face a problem like this, find a good parenting class for you :) And don't forget to pray ! Ask Him for help is not hurt, right? Read more!

Tuesday, October 20

Link Exchange

Exchange link with others can be really nice isn't it? So here it is. Just reply this post by write down your blog title and URL, I'll put it in my blog roll at right sidebar that will be shown on every page. Put my link also on your blog. Just copy and paste text inside this box below

ShareThings : everything

After I see my link on your blog, I'll add your link on my blog at that time.
Please write like this :

Blog title : (put your blog title)
Blog url  : http://YOUR LINK-HERE.com

Thank you very much :)

Sorry.. I don't provide banner exchange as too much banner will make loading speed of my blog slower.
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New design from Blogger

just realized today, 20 October 2009 (UTC+7) 9:00 a.m, that blogger has bring new design in "posting" section. You will see fresh layout when you are writing or editing post. The toolbar is not brown anymore but white. See the picture below...

Not only that, when you upload image, instead of square brown box, you'll see wide white-blue box as you can see on following picture

It become easier to upload your picture ! You don't have to click "OK" or "SUBMIT" anymore ! Just wait and feel free to upload more images because your picture will be automatically uploaded right after you put image link :)

Do you see picture below? YAP ! Before, you have to set your picture first before upload it. And if you don't like it, you have to upload it again. Let's forget about that. With this new blogger design, you can edit it after you upload it. Do you see that? You can change the size, position, and simply remove it by click.

Your uploaded image will not be placed at top of your post but at the bottom of your post. For me, It's really nice. I don't have to scroll up to top to bring it down to the bottom. But there is disadvantages also from this new layout,
1. You cannot move your picture as free as before. It will snap only to left/center/right/before text/after text
2. Color text will not as vary as before. Blogger reduced its text color variation for post. But for me, it's still okay
3. You cannot change image size as you will. Before, you can click on the image, click and drag your mouse on image's small box to change the size, right? Now you can't. It been setting only to small/medium/large/xlarge. Otherwise, you have to put the height and width manually from "edit HTML" tab

Beside, image tab, link tab was also changed. Now you can put your email address also to your link. And you can change text for your link together. Nice, isn't it?

Other problem also occurred today, many people failed to change google adsense setting (including me). I think it is because this new script. Hope Blogger team will solve this problem ASAP

Read more!

adsense errors

Ah, I'm so depressing.... today, I tried to put google ads in this blog.. It's okay for the first time with 468x15 horisontal row between post. But I don't like it.. It doesn't look good for me, so I manage to change it. Next thing what happened is I can't change it !
"Please correct errors on form"
That sentence appeared... I've tried so many times, restart my computer, log out and log in again. Nothing works.. When I tried to change it to banner ads, it shows error

I dig in blogger help in google and seems like many people got this problem also.. Phew.. hope google will solve this problem ASAP.. Anybody know how t fix this problem??

I think this problem occured because Blogger implemented new style for Posting
Read more!

Sunday, October 18

Indonesia in style

When browsing on internet about percentage of people according to their age, job, religion, etc, I found something interesting in Wikipedia. It says, muslim is the second largest religion after christian (muslim 21% and christian 33%). Believe it or not, 62% of the world's muslim live in Asia and and 15.6% live in Indonesia. How many muslims are in Indonesia? 202 billion ! Over 88% citizen of Indonesia are muslim.

While I read that article, I found the reason why many clothes in Indonesia similar to muslim outfit. But the different is the pattern on it. Most of muslim clothes (Indonesia = baju muslim) in Indonesia has a little traditional pattern called Batik. Enrich with batik pattern, it will be difficult to find the same one in another country as batik is the traditional pattern of Indonesia declared by UNESCO.

This kind of clothes has become a style / outfit in Indonesia. Sometimes people says, "I want to buy clothes that looked like muslim style (read = busana muslim)." even though he/she is not muslim. It's interesting to know somehow percentage religion in one country can affect its culture also, isn't it?

How about you? Do you know what Batik is?
Read more!

Friday, October 16

Earthquake in Ujungkulon

Today, 16th Oktober 2009, earthquake occurred again in Indonesia. Located in Ujung Kulon, West Java, this earthquake has a power about M 6.4 (medium) on Friday at 16.52 local time (UTC +7).

The temblor had its epicenter at 6.79 degrees southern latitude and 105.11 degrees eastern longitude or about 42 kilometers northwest of Ujung Kulon at a depth of 10 kilometers. The ground movement was very little. People in Bandung, capital city of West Java, Indonesia can feel the movement pretty clear and panic but nothing broken and no one died. However, In Jakarta, some people even not realized that earthquake at all.

An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale also happened in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, on Friday at 2.33 local time. The quake`s epicenter was located at 3.54 degrees southern latitude, and 123.27 degrees eastern longitude, at a depth of 20 kilometers, and 88 km northeast of Kendari, according to information of the meteorological and and geophysics office

The earthquake did not have the potential to trigger a tsunami. No reports of casualties or damage were as yet received.

Let's hope there will be no greater earthquake in these recent days in Indonesia. Indonesia looked like still need more time to recover from the great earthquake in Sumatra. Before, on September 30, a powerful earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck West Sumatra and surroundings. The quake which was centered 78 km northwest of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province, at a depth of 71 km in the seabed.

It caused major damage to 101,653, moderate damage to 48,966 and minor damage to 49,026 houses. Up till now, the West Sumatra earthquake has taken more than 1,000 lives, and left hundreds of people injured, and crushed 283,067 houses.

Indonesia is prone to seismic upheavals due to its location on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, an arc of volcanoes and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin. Read more!

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