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Sunday, July 5


Google in "USA Independence Day"

In 4th July, USA celebrate its Independence Day. Google, as one of the biggest search engine celebrate it by change its logo like the picture below

Maybe not many of you noticed this because today, you can only see this logo while you do search (usually google change its homepage logo). Similiar with other countries which celebrate its Independence Day, it is holiday too in USA. shopping centers held bazaar or big sale. Parks filled with families, kids, hotdog, games, and picnic basket. Maybe that's why google decided to use "picnic" theme, instead of "heroic" theme. Everybody smile and happy~


If you want to see this logo, just type something in google's search box and press enter. After a new page appear, you'll see that "independence day-google logo" on the upper left side of the search box

------------Happy Independence Day for USA------------


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