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Sunday, October 7

Twinkle Flowers Nail Art Tutorial

Hi ! how's you been doing this week? Did you remember when I said in the previous post that I began to love nail art? Yep, I even show you my milk strawberry nail art right? Do you like it?? Hope so *wink*

Today I finished another nail art. Tadaaa!!

I call this "Twinkle Flowers".
It has some cute little flowers and little dots that make my nails looks twinkling. 
And I'm willing to share the tutorial now!

Tools I use are very simple and affordable!
1. A Dotting tool. This tool has 2 heads, each with different sizes. So it's really handy. I only bought 1 and I plan to buy the whole set now :)
2. Revlon Nail Polish. 235 Twinkled Pink (see?? It's twinkle!) as base. I love its soft and natural pink color. This one is a long dry but blend nicely as base

3. white and pink nail polish. I use very quick dry for pattern. Believe me, we don't want a long dry nail polish to make pattern as it will be harder to put layer on later. If your base is white, then you need white nail polish for the upper color of the flower. If your color base is pink, then choose pink nail polish. You can use same nail polish for your base and top flower.
4. Palette. I use my own palette which I often use for water color (I like drawing and coloring using water color so I have some palettes in my room)
And how to make it?? Here I share you the tutorial. In this tutorial, the nail polishes that used for the base and flower are white and blue

FIRST, take the very basic step, cover your nail with base nail polish (let's use white).
If you think that the base is too transparent, put second layer or maybe third. It's up to you. I, myself, put 3 layer for my base since this twinkled series is very natural pink colour. Wait until the base dry (It's better to have the base dry before you make the pattern). Done? Now get ready for the twinkle tutorial!

1. Dap some of nail polish to the palette and dip the tip of your dotting tools to create the flower.
2. Add dots to your nail using dotting tools in a shape of 5 flower petals.
3. Put some dots again to make the flower bigger and to cover the middle area
4. Using smaller size of the tip of the dotting tool, add smaller dots along the edge following the shape of the flower.
5. Now go back to the base nail polish (or the one that has the same color with the base). Using this nail polish, dot in smaller flowers to create the border.
6. Finish?? Now dot in the center of the flower using bright color or the same color as flower's border. You can add few more as decoration.
FINISH! Now you have twinkling nails that everybody will envy! Watch full video tutorial here.

* I put the dots on my 5 fingers before going to the next step (I say 5 fingers because I need my other hand to do the works). Since I use quick dry nail polish for the pattern, I can immediately do the next step on my first finger after finish the previous step. The first finger should be already half dry =)
* You can use combination of yellow-white, purple-white, red-white, or maybe yellow-orange! Come on give try and polish your nail =D

Now, time to say bye-bye. I have to get ready to the church!
Happy weekend everyone :) !
Don't forget to show off your nails!
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