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Friday, November 20

My 1st award :)

JAVABIS99.BLOGSPOT.COMThanks for  JavaBisnis | Bisnis & Hobby Blog who has given this award to ShareThingsThis is my first Award from my blogger friend.

Actually this is "backlink- award". If you got this Award, it means you got backlink. You can get dozens backlink in no time if you follow the instruction properly. So, I decided to give this Award to my beloved blogger friend :)
 - Anyone who get this award have to post this article and put these below links to your post ! "kick" number 1 from the list, so the number 2 can become number 1, number 3 become number 2, and so on. You'll see that you only has 9 links. Put your blog on last number (number 10)
 - Also, you have to share this award to 10 people. And don't forget to tell them to follow the instruction also !
  1. irfanrasyid
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  10. ShareThings
You have to be fair. Don't put your blog on number 2. It has to be from number 10. If you can share this award to 5 people, you'll get 1.953.125 backlink (this only happened if you start from number 10). Here is the description

When you are in number 10, your baclink = 1
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number 3, your backlink = 78,125
number 2, your backlink = 390,625
number 1, your backlink = 1,953,125

If someone visit any blog/website of your "downline", you'll get backlink also :) Isn't it nice?

For people whose name I mentioned above, feel free to grab it :) and don't forget to post it back. You can post it in English or Indonesia, or any other language you prefer to.

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Sunday, November 8

True Love Never Ends

Have you ever heard that quote, "True Love Never Ends" ? I think most of you ever heard about that.

Today, at a shopping mall near my home, I saw a couple that caught my eyes. Not because their clothes, not because their money (LOL), but because their age. Both of them are old, maybe around 70-80 years old. They walk around the mall and held each other's hand. Sometimes they have to stop because the woman need a little rest. I watching them from far while eating my potato balls. Then I saw something that I won't forget....
When the woman stopped, her husband said something to her. I couldn't hear what he said to her, but the woman pointed at her leg. Maybe her leg's hurt. Then her husband said something again and pointed a seat. That woman looked at where her husband pointing at and thought for a while, before she smiled to her husband and began to walk. That man slipped his hand to her arm and help her walk to the nearest seat.
That moment happened less than 5 minutes. But that was enough. I saw them walked to their seat slowly, not disturbed by the crowd. They talked at each other and sometimes with a little laugh. It's like they just met each other yesterday ! If someone talked about, "True Love Never Ends", that's them ! Even though they are not young anymore, their eyes said I Love You. Even though they are not young anymore, when they smiled at each other, I saw the most beautiful smile I've ever seen.

I'm so thankful that my Dad came late. If not, maybe I couldn't see this "less than 5 minutes" moment today. Less than 5 minutes, maybe just 2 minutes but enough to taught me about "True Love" more than any best seller books and talk show about Love in this world :)

*********True Love Never Ends**********
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Friday, November 6

Black Cat Lady : 1

This is a not-good story from me :) Hope you understand this story


Black Cat Lady

Sun shows its smile on that entire city. Somehow it smiles too bright that no rain pours for months.

12.00 a.m.

People out for lunch. With traffic full of people and cars, a little touch can make big tension among others. Hunger figures crawl on the road, trying to find their own ways to find a nice cafe or bar to fill their belly.
Far from that crowd. An elegant black creatures with it tremendous claws shine as an adamantine. Lay down in laziness, her eyes which as pure as ruby look carefully on her prey. It’s the same prey. In silent she gets up and walks carefully toward that same-prey. Oh, what a stupid prey, she thinks. Fast, she stabs her claws on its neck. Make a big hole and suddenly a fresh fluid burst out from the neck and covers the floor. Stupid prey….

“MINI !”

A girl enters the room with panic. She holds that same-prey and at the same time looks at The Killer with anger.

“How many times I’ve told you! Don’t make the floor dirty, Mini!” She throws that same-yellow-prey to a bin next to her. “Now I have to clean this floor again. We don’t have that many mice here, okay? So please take care of toys I bought for you.”

After say that, that girl start to wipe the floor with tissue and leave the room with her ipod on to meet her boy friend on the other room.

Lying down, this ruby-eyed creature realized how this girl grew up and changes. Three meters from its place, this black figure can see how this girl kiss her boyfriend. And believe, it is not a little girl's kiss.. It is a woman's kiss

“A Black Cat Lady!”

A little girl shouted so hard

“Look at this cat! I want this cat! I’ll name it Black Cat Lady!”

With ridiculous smile and big eyes opened, that little girl holds a black cat tightly on her chest. Even though her mom refuses to adopt it, this little girl still holds the cat-almost killed it. But what can Mom do? With love to her daughter, now she is driving her car to a pet store and buy cat stuffs

Since then, that cat was called as “Lady” and become a main member of this house. Margareth-name of that little girl- will cry if Lady not sleeps beside her. Margareth will smile so bright even though she just fall down as long as Lady beside her. Every day Margareth broom its fur slowly liked broom a $10000 pet. In fact, it’s just a dirty cat from an unknown street. When Margareth there, Lady also there. Where Lady is, where Margareth is. Some people think maybe they should bring them to a hospital and see if they are siblings.

Funny isn’t it?

That was 5 years ago.
Now, she is no longer a girl with pink socks and polka dot dress. She is no longer a girl who hate boys as they are dirty part of this world that should be vanished. She is no longer a girl who like to cry a lot. Now, she loves a tiny square-shape white box that can play music which its long white rope can be put on ear to hear it privately. She loves slim box which shows you video from who she talks to. It’s a magic box. She can spend hours in front that magic box with her fingers do a tap dance on it. She loves a box which full of catalogs so she can choose which clothes are good, which hats are match with her bags, and many more. She loves boxes, isn’t she?

And now? Is Margareth still loves Black Cat Lady? Is Margareth still want to groom and sleep with Black Cat Lady? Is Margareth still cry if she can't find Black Cat Lady anywhere? Is Margareth still thinking that they are siblings before they reincarnation? Is Margareth...

3.00 p.m.

Three hours since she finds her last prey. She thinks about Margareth too much until falls asleep. Where is Margareth?

She looked around and still can not find her master. She go to kitchen. Maybe she is trying a new kind of diet again? No one in the kitchen. Ah, bathroom ! Maybe she is trying her new conditioner she bought yesterday. No? No one in the bathroom.

After one hour searching her master, (actually only 10 minutes with 40 minutes watch television and 10 minutes eat cat snacks in good apetite), she thinks again, where is Margareth?

Okay, now she is ready to search her master again. Now she tries to step on stairs. May be Margareth is on second floor. Little slip. And another slip. And another slip. Oh my ! They have to change this stairs ! Not from a marble! From rocks maybe !

After 20 steps full of danger (3 meters height), she find Margareth standing in front of her room with towel wrap her body. There is long white rope on her ears with tiny white box on her hands. Oh, I hope someone pull out that rope off her ears ! I can't imagine when that rope and her ears become one. As Black Cat Lady wishes, that rope is being pulled out off her ears. But now, that rope wrap her master's body almost too tight. Margareth shout and jump. But she can't. Someone hold her body so tight that she can't move her body. Her face shows panic.

"Hey, you shocked me!"

Margareth turn her body around and face this "criminal".

"You'll liked it."

He whispers to her ears and hug her.

Black Cat Lady looks at that guy. A nice guy. Good looking guy. His body is okay, not bad. It shows how many hours he spent on gym to carve his body. Okay, his body is also nice. He is her master's girlfriend. New one. The nicest one.

Suddenly Margareth kisses his lips and put her naked arm around his neck. This good looking guy holds her body tighter than before. He opens her lips a little bit and slip his tongue in. Slowly, he touches her back and pulled off her towel. He let it fall on the floor. He presses her naked body on the wall without loosen up his kiss a little bit. Yet, their kiss become more intense. He doesn't only kiss her lips, but also her neck, her ears, everywhere. They forgot that they are not alone in this house. There is a Lady near them. A Lady who still stand and watch them

She is no longer my little girl. She is my Margareth right now, not my little Margareth

Silently, Black Cat Lady step out and return to her beloved bed. Better not disturb them right now. What can I do? I just a cat, an old female cat. Black Cat lady lays on her bed. She close her eyes, waiting for another prey. Later when I found a prey, I'll stab my claws and tears it into pieces..

She falls asleep, dreaming she is in an island full of fat stupid prey. She stabs her claws and break them into pieces.

She smile


do you understand my story? Ahahaha.. I hope so. My English is not good and I'm not a good writer. This is my first time to write a story ever :) This is the first part. What do you think? I need help from you

1. Correct my English grammar and vocabulary
2. Which part I should improve?
3. Which part I should delete?
4. Over all what do you think of this story? Boring? Ahahaha that's okay :)
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Sunday, November 1

Teeth Whitening tips for you !

Nowadays, a white and bright smile is one of the first things that people will notice about our appearance.White teeth become a must-have things especially for women. In recent years, we can find many teeth whitening products in store. But honestly, do you know what don’t and do in using these products? And do you know the difference between “Bleaching teeth” and “Teeth whitening”?

Bleaching” is permitted only when teeth can be whitening beyond their natural color. Usually, the “bleaching” products contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

Whitening”, on the other hand, refers to restoring a tooth’s surface from dirt and debris. Most of toothpaste products contain whitening.

Seeing that there are so many products of bleaching and whitening, we need to ask our dentist first which product we should use. Different teeth have their own sensitivity. Example, bleaching can cause temporary increase in sensitivity to temperature, pressure, and touch. Some people may experience shooting pains down to the middle of their front teeth. No one wants to feel that right? Beside that shooting pains, some people may get gum irritation for several days. If that happens, we should stop or lower the peroxide concentration.

According to surveys I found on internet, most people use KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching System as their best teeth whitening. It is affordable and work well. Want to buy it? Like what I said before, ask your dentist first before buy stuffs like these.

“It looks dangerous, I don’t want to use teeth whitening !”

That’s okay. If you don’t want to use it, watch out every food and drink you consume every day. Wine, coffee, and tea are examples of drink you should careful of. They taste really good, aren’t they? But you need to brush your teeth right after you drink them to remove stains that left on your teeth surface. How about the food? Meat, especially beef , is one of the food that can cause your teeth’s shade become yellow. Surprised? Me too.. Especially when I looked at these below pictures which are looked very delicious and tasty...

That’s all for today about teeth whitening :)Later I’ll tell you which food and drinks that will make you have a white and bright smile, and which are not Just WAIT ! Read more!

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