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Sunday, October 25


It help you better

How many of you have been spanked or shout by your parent when you are kid ? No need to answer. Me, myself, have been shout so many times when I was kid. Or how many of you find difficulties when you got divorce with your children in the middle of drama?

I think most of us don't like to be shout or spanked by their parent; And most of us don't like to stuck between partner like Hell and children through a divorce. Have you ever heard about parenting class? Years ago, this kind of classes were made to help parent educate and communicate with their children better, but later, this kind of class is used to help people run through a divorce. Sometimes, because of a divorce, relationship between our ex-partner, new spouse, or even children become worse. And still we are too shy to attend a parenting class. Did you know that parenting class has attorneys and counselors who will teach you communication skills that will help you have better relationship with new partner, spouse, and your children also?

This class is not bad at all. It will help us to maintain ourselves and our beloved family. Forget about "I don't have time". I think we have to "have time" about this one. Divorce is a sensitive issue for us, our partner, children, and family.

Don't let a divorce make you and your beloved one become depressed. If you face a problem like this, find a good parenting class for you :) And don't forget to pray ! Ask Him for help is not hurt, right?


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