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Friday, November 20


My 1st award :)

JAVABIS99.BLOGSPOT.COMThanks for  JavaBisnis | Bisnis & Hobby Blog who has given this award to ShareThingsThis is my first Award from my blogger friend.

Actually this is "backlink- award". If you got this Award, it means you got backlink. You can get dozens backlink in no time if you follow the instruction properly. So, I decided to give this Award to my beloved blogger friend :)
 - Anyone who get this award have to post this article and put these below links to your post ! "kick" number 1 from the list, so the number 2 can become number 1, number 3 become number 2, and so on. You'll see that you only has 9 links. Put your blog on last number (number 10)
 - Also, you have to share this award to 10 people. And don't forget to tell them to follow the instruction also !
  1. irfanrasyid
  3. Blog napi Belog
  4. Not Yet Titlelized
  5. Pras Free
  6. Taekwondo Indonesia
  7. masterGOmaster
  8. Blogger Kuningan
  9. Javabis99 | Bisnis & Hobby Blog
  10. ShareThings
You have to be fair. Don't put your blog on number 2. It has to be from number 10. If you can share this award to 5 people, you'll get 1.953.125 backlink (this only happened if you start from number 10). Here is the description

When you are in number 10, your baclink = 1
number 9, your backlink = 5
number 8, your backlink = 25
number 7, your backlink = 125
number 6, your backlink = 625
number 5, your backlink = 3,125
number 4, your backlink = 15,625
number 3, your backlink = 78,125
number 2, your backlink = 390,625
number 1, your backlink = 1,953,125

If someone visit any blog/website of your "downline", you'll get backlink also :) Isn't it nice?

For people whose name I mentioned above, feel free to grab it :) and don't forget to post it back. You can post it in English or Indonesia, or any other language you prefer to.



Donny said...

thanks for the award, I take it
keep spirit ......

ina said...

thanks for the award,...

Antok said...

thanks banget ya...
go blogger!!!!!

Antok said...

wah kok lemot ya otakku, tak baca sekian kali masih bingung juga ^^,

pendi blog said...

wah.... makasih bgt award nya... tek simpen dl ya. bsok2 aq post

rumah blogger said...

wah selamat mas yaa..bulan ini bulan award, sukses terus nich

Sabirinnet said...

saya ucapin selamat sudah dapat penghargaan...semoga tambah semangat bloggingnya :)

Multibrand said...

Halo Ame,

Terima kasih sebanyak2nya atas awardnya.
Saya akan ikuti petunjuk yang anda berikan.

Amelia said...

@sabirinnet : thanks :)
@multibrand : you're welcome :)

Deddy Irawan said...

Congrats Ame, more success in the Future

waqasi said...

hi Thanks For Your Awards And Wish You Best Of luck in future

Amelia said...

@deddy irawan : Thanks :) You too buddy
@waqasi : you are welcome :) wish you the best too buddy

Aulawi Ahmad said...

conggrats 4 that Sist :) hope can make u more eager with ur blog :)

New Game said...

congratz friend keep spirit for more blogging and still share about your experience

cara cari uang said...

Bravo, disana sini dpt award terus, selamat ya Am ...moga makin sukses.

daftar ptc luar terpercaya said...

wah selamat yah mas seneng dong dapat award nih ehehehhe

Hauraa said...

congrats kak ame... ^_^

三杯雞Sam said...


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