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Friday, February 13


Valentine Day

So, here is a little section for Valentine Day... :D

I just went back home from a Valentine Party (from my church for university students). The theme was "When John meets Marry". Yeah, the speakers were John and Marry (they're couple with cute kids). I won't tell the whole story here. It's too long ! I just write things that I think most important.

1. Find A partner who has the same religion with you. So you can support each other in God. Not just the same religion, but also faith. Faith in everything...

2. Always pray to God about your partner (or whoever you think will be your partner). And don't think He always speak to you through big megaphone! God has His own unique way for each person in this world.He is the creator of all, and He know which way is more suitable for us...

3. Don't always think about private dating (just two of you alone). By being together alone with your partner, not guarantee that you will grow your relationship in right way. Maybe you discover something new about your partner.. But maybe that "new" things can lead you to wrong direction. The best deal is : If you two can grow up your relationship without (private)dating, that's what true love called is ! (Believe me, if your boyfriend/girlfriend acts too nice to you, almost completely different from his/her usual behaviour, you'll know it by see that "You-Start-Acting-Weird" word at her/his friend's face)

4. Some people think it's enough to just read bible at home or hear God's word from television or any other electronic device, or books. Ok, you can grow. But you grow weird. It's unhealthy.. really.. Reading bible by yourself, hear or read God's word by yourself, all by yourself. Wait a minute, You're not live alone in this world. Do you remember, when 2 or 3 people gather together and pray to God, God will be among them. Also, talk to someone via teleconference or video is not same with talk to someone face-to-face, right? So try to go to God's house, whatever your religion is. Gathering and have fellowship together with people in same faith is always nicer...

+-._.;''':::. !!! HAPPY VALENTINE DAY !!! .::''';._.-+


Anonymous said...

hey. all of those are true! thanks for posting it :)
God Bless You

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