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Saturday, January 22

Chocolate Roman

I know we're still in January but I can't wait to post this stuff I've made. So, recently I've made these several "Chocolate Roman" for Valentine day.
Isn't it cute? Don't droll, please... Those aren't real chocolate. Those are 6 chocolates doll made of felt inside a box. I made the chocolates and the box by myself :) It's 100% handmade and I made them in many colors ! Below are details..

Chocolate : 6 pcs
Colors available : chocolate, white, baby pink (strawberry), baby blue (mint), light green (green tea)
Price : PM me for details or contact my YM.

Ok, here is the nice thing... I made those chocolate as key chain, mobile strap, fridge magnet, and hair accessories! The favorite one is mobile strap, but it's up to you which one do you like.
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