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Monday, May 9

Nathan Wyburn - Britain's Got Talent 2011 Audition - Acts with Toasted Breads

Hi again! Okay, it's not very usual for me to post 2 different topics in 2 days in a row, but I can't help it. I found this funny yet nice video from my friend in facebook. Nathan Wyburn, a fine arts student who try to amaze the judge with toasted breads and yummy jam. Yet, he made it ! Even Michael, one of the judge, suddenly run and crawl on the stage to grab all the breads and bring them home! I can't post the video here because the embed code has been disabled by the uploader in Youtube. So here are the screenshots !

Nathan the fine artist

Here he is, grabbing the first bread

Put the jam on

Don't forget to arrange it nicely!

VOILA!! It's Michael portrait!!

 Michael, one of the judge who is portrait by Nathan

Isn't Nathan a talented artist? :D the portrait is just sooooo right. Oh, wait, here goes the funny moment! Because Michael really loved his face being portrait in such artistic and creative way, he managed to bring all the toasts. He said, "I want it. I want the toast" over and over. Couldn't handle his desire, he suddenly ran and crawled to the stage!
 Oh, Michael, what are you doing?

Michael said, "I want them all and bring them home!"

There was an accident also on the stage. Instead of take the bread from the top to the bottom, he pulled the bottom one and the toast scattered away! "How can I rebuild it again?? I just want them!" shout Michael on the stage. So, he just make a pile of the bread and bring it home. LOL. Of course this bring a big loud laugh over the audiences. Great job Michael ;)

How about Nathan? He 100% passed the audition and have to get ready for the next talent show. I can't wait to see his next art :D

Below is the original link to Youtube. IF you want to watch the entire video, just click this below link

Happy Monday and God bless you :D
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Sunday, May 8

Diet Tips According to Your Zodiac - Part 2

Hi again :) As I promise, I post the second part of Diet Tips According to Your Zodiac today. The last zodiac in my previous post is Cancer, so now we start from Leo to Capricorn! Check these out :D

Leo (July 21st – August 19th)
Has a high ability to adapt to new methods of diet. But beware, sometimes Leo has eager to jump from one diet program to another. Before jump to another program, better read again about the program you're currently using. How long your current program takes to take effect? 3 months? 4 months? Then wait until 4 months. If you're not getting slimmer AND healthier, then feel free to take another program.

Virgo (August 20th – September 20th)
It is a very practical person, so the method chosen diets also tend to be an easily applied in daily routine. The thing that should be anticipated is that they tend to provide a target that is too high so when it's not achieved, they will be very desperate and suddenly stop! I recommend that you ask nutrition expert or personal trainer to keep you fixed on the right diet program. (yeah, my Mom did that often too as a virgo)

Libra (September 21st – October 19th)
Tends to have no passion for physical activity so their metabolism is slow. But Libra is very easy to be motivated by competition. Therefore, it's really great to invite family or friends in healthy diet competition!

Scorpio (October 20th – November 20th)
Scorpio can be very diligently follow the diet programs and meet the sports/gym schedule that have been made​​. But because of people in this zodiac also very easy to feel dissatisfied, they need a diet that is more relaxed and enjoyable sport.

Sagittarius (November 21st – December 19th)
Very easy to be motivated but also very impatient. The Sagittarius will reach their target if they makes sustainability small targets. Complete it with a sport that you like, example swimming, hiking, biking, walking, jogging, belly dance, etc, so it will be easier to reach the targets

Capricorn (December 20th – January 20th)
People who are ruled by this zodiac able to understand what they need. It's not unusual for them to choose their own diet method than asked to do a certain diet with certain method. It's okay and it's good, but sometimes it's not wrong to ask other people about your diet. Nutritionist sounds good too, isn't it? :D

So, that's all the Diet Tips According to Your Zodiac - part 2. You can find the first part by clicking this link. or just type Diet Tips Zodiac - Part 1 on the search box above menu bar

Hope this post is useful :)
Happy Sunday everyone and God Bless You :D
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Sunday, May 1

Thanks to "Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary" Prayer

This post is my way to say thank you to God and the Virgin Mary because my prayer is answered no more than 3-4 hours and my boyfriend's problem 90% solved. "Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary" prayer (Indonesia : Novena Tiga Salam Maria) is one of Catholic prayer which is believed to be able to grant any requests (in accordance with God's will). My mom, who is Catholic often tell me how this prayer has helped her a lot through her life. Many prayers answered and many wishes granted.

Hours ago, when I got a call from my boyfriend, listening him telling me about his problem, I was so panic! Suddenly I remember about "Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary" prayer card that I bought few months ago (thanks to my mom, you've told me a great prayer). I tore off the cover as quickly as I can, calming down myself, and start praying according to that card's direction. I didn't remember how many minutes it took to do the prayer, but I don't care! I keep praying and praying..

Thanks to God.. 3-4 hours later, my boyfriend buddy called me and said, "Mel, everything's okay now.. yeaaa.. at least the biggest problem is finished." Wohoooo! My heart jumped happily! I thought it will take a week, or months, but God and Virgin Mary is full of Grace :) They heard my prayer and give a miracle more than I requested. I've already afraid if I can't meet my boyfriend for a long time. I'm panic about his family too. Hmm God is Good, right? He knows how to make an awesome ending that we can't even imagine of. Thank you thank you thank you...

Uhmm.. honestly, I'm not a Catholic. I'm a Christian Protestant, but I still decided to do this prayer because I believe, God doesn't care about which religion does or don't do a kind of prayer. I believe, as long as we shout to the Lord from the bottom of our heart, He hears our heart.

Once again.. Thank you to God from granted my prayer request.. and thank you to the Virgin Mary who helped Saints created this beautiful prayer.. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart..

UPDATE : after I posted this one, I just realized that today is May 1st, the first day of Rosary month and my first time do this prayer....
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