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Sunday, November 28

Raisa - Next Singer from YouTube

Last month, maybe Raisa was nobody, only a Youtube member who likes to post her video, singing in her room, but few days ago, one of famous Indonesian band, RAN, found Raisa and interested in her beautiful voice. Below is the video of Raisa with her first single.

RAN decided to make Raisa the next singer in Indonesia. I think it's not impossible. Raisa has amazing voice, yet beautiful. In the video above, Raisa looks really confident and enjoy singing so much. She has jazzy and a little bit R'nB style in her voice. Hmmm I can't wait to see her next single :) I love her voice
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Tuesday, November 16

Why People Choose to Stay in Merapi and Not Flee

Until today, Mount Merapi still erupting, burst lava, stone, rock, and ashes. Few days ago, when I had a conversation with friend of mine, I said, "Look, later they (victims) will go back to Merapi, open a new field, farm, buy new livestocks, and start live there again like nothing happened." My friend, who is a foreigner, seems surprised and said, "What?? Are they dumb or what??"

That conversation was simple, only 2 sentences, but enough to gave me a plenty food of thought. Foreigner, usually see Indonesian people as a fatalistic, a trait believed to be behind their “silly decisions.” The myth of Indonesians as people driven by destiny has been confirmed for many by the notion that their behavior is driven by superstition and mysticism. The death of Mbah Maridjan, spiritual guardian of Merapi supports the assumption of that "silly".

Beside death, volcanic eruption also has another dangerous effects such as, ash particles are minute and can easily get into the lungs, volcanic ash can cause serious and lasting pulmonary conditions. Inhaled, they can make even the healthiest people fall ill. And they make those who suffer from asthma prone to experiencing severe shortness of breath and coughing fits. So Why People Choose to Stay in Merapi and not Flee?

There are factors, that if we look deeper, can explain everything. First, believe it or not, when you live in a country for years where natural disasters can happen anytime and where the resulting death tolls are often high, the concept of fatalism in your mind will be different. Example, traffic issue in New York. You who's living or ever lived in New York know how bad the traffic is. You won't be surprised about bad traffic anymore because you've known worse. See below news I got from an online magazine

A Portuguese psychology student of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta who visited an Indonesian evacuee camp to help the people deal with the psychological impact of the catastrophe, expressed shock at how the victims all seemed to be “fine.” They had been displaced by a major disaster and many had lost everything, but they weren’t crying as he had thought they would.

They just lost everything, belongings, homes, families, but I’m not sure they need me here,” he said.(Jakarta Globe)

Another factor, which is for me is the most important, most of Indonesian people believe in the afterlife. There are more believers than Europeans and Americans. We (I use "we" because I'm an Indonesian) believe that death is just a door to another phase of (eternal) life. We believe that there's nothing compared to God and He is so powerful that when He says, "Up", we'll be up and when He says, "Down", we'll be down. Maybe not all the victims think like that. It's just what most of Indonesians believe between human and God.

The last factor why they keep stay and go back to Merapi, and for me is the most logical, is vulcanic area is the most fertile land. especially after an eruption. Hot lava burn the soil, produce many oxygen, carbon, and many other substance that will make any plant that grow on it has top quality. Economically, it has more benefits and money than taking a job in a city. Water quality in vulcanic area also greater and purer than other place. Fresh, cool, and healthy. And one more, Mount Merapi doesn't erupt once a month. That's also an important thing that we have to start thinking of. Mount Merapi erupts once every 2-3 decade or more. Between that time, people can start a new life, run a family, have kids, build a new business, and more.

In my opinion, these people (victims) are not completely "fatalistic, a trait believed to be behind their silly decisions". They have their own reason that maybe not really fit with us but completely fit for them. The matter is just the way we look and analyze it, whether we are able to look deeper and stand on their position or not. Interesting, isn't it?
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Saturday, November 13

Pride Over Mount Merapi Eruption and Loss

Three days ago, my friend surprised me with a link about Mount Merapi that has been erupting since 5 days ago. It's about Pride, Victims, and Loss.

Lava and hot smoke from Mt. Merapi has flew 20 kms far. It washes away many villages and killed many people and livestocks. Many people go there to help and distribute donations, do everything what they can. Citizens open their door to stranger, cook food, give place to sleep, including church. Ganjuran Church in Bantul also open its door as many victims came asked for shelter and food, even though most of the victims are not christian.

Unfortunately, later some people with white long blouse and turban came, entered the church without permission and drove away victims out of the church just because it's a church, not a mosque ! The victims who were already so tired physically and mentally refused to go. They prefer stayed there, but this "unbelieveable-pride" people keep tried drove victims away. They almost had a fighting until Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (Governor of Yogyakarta) came. Funny thing is, Sri Sultan asked victims to move away. "Better we move then have a fight in this situation", said Sri Sultan.

Actually, who are these "unbelieveable-pride" people?
These people call themselves FJI = Front Jihad Indonesia (Indonesia Jihadd Committe). They think that let moslems entering church is a sin although they are victims and need shelter, food, etc to live.

For me, what this FJI did is so unbelieveable ridiculous and strange. Why?? Because the victims even not entered the church building ! Church asked the victims first whether they want to go in or not. Victims chose to stay outside the building, at church terrace and front yard. So why this FJI had to drove away them like that? Last one that made me felt sorry is, this FJI didn't even try to provide them shelter or food! They just tried to drove victims away. Isn't that sad?

I'm not saying that moslem is bad. Most of my friends are moslem also so I know that moslem is not like that. Yeah, like I've ever said in my previous posts, there's nothing wrong with the religion, but the people are.

How about us? Do we still keep our pride over Mt. Merapi eruption and loss and ignore that poke from God?
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