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Friday, December 25


Merry Christmas 2009

Yap, Merry Christmas everybody !
Give thanks to God that have blessed us until now and may God filled this world with joy, blessing, peace, and LOVE. 

One song that pop up in my mind now is "Heal The World" by Michael Jackson. I don't know why.. But for me, this world need a miracle healing. So why not ask Him to heal this world. People said that Christmas is full of miracle, right?

Here, I never put any Christmas decoration as I'm the only one who is Christian in my house. So now I'm thinking.. What item that you think the most related to Christmas? For me, the most related to Christmas is '25th December' and 'St. Claus'. How about you?


Steven Luck said...

Christmas Tree and hope ^^

Aulawi Ahmad said...

The bright tree or treelight (pohon terang) :)

Gusti said...

Merry Christmas...
chocolate and Christmas tree :D

Anonymous said...

Peace and Joy.
Forgiveness and The One.

i can't deny that i will expect extravagant light on Christmas tree. but the very first thing would come out of my mind is Christmas Drama. :D

Amelia said...

@all : Thanks for reply :) it seems that Christmas tree is the most popular until now. Hmm chocolate and Christmas drama is nice too :) Of course.. Hope.. :)

Xaivier Chia said...

Happy New Year^^

Bintang said...

merry christmas n happy new year

ASWANI said...

Hi Amelia,thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comments. Hope you had a great Christmas. Keep it up and Keep in touch :)

Passionate Blogger said...

Wish you and your family Happy Sparkling New Year..

Amelia said...

@xavier chia, bintang, aswani, passionate blogger :
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! :D thx for dropping by ^_^

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