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Friday, January 22


How to Fix your Error Shoutmix

Maybe some of you face this problem. Today, suddenly some shoutmix didn't work. Some Blog-walkers can't put their link. This is so crucial since blog-walking is the common way to increase blog/website's traffic. So these tips may be useful...

1. Prune Messages
Delete all messages and refresh. You'll get your new shoutmix immediately.
Step :
- Login to shoutmix.com
- See General -> Prune Messages

- Choose Delete All Messages
- Type in your password then click Apply

But this doesn't guarantee for long time. If this happen again, you have to replay this step over and over...

2. Change with other widget
 Tired of doing 1st step over and over? Then you can choose this 2nd step. I suggest you to change your widget with another chat widget for a while..

Option :

Shoutmix.widget.me has similar template with shoutmix but you can't put any smiley nor change local time.

3. Upgrade to Premium
If you want to get more facilities, you can upgrade to Premium with $3/month

Okay, now you have fixed your shoutmix, but how can you promote your link??

1. Put Url on your message
You can do blogwalking and put your link on your message without www or http://

example : share-everythings.blogspot.com

6. Blogwalking to Premium Shoutmix
You can do blogwalking like usual on Premium shoutmix like:
- Kolom Tutorial
- O-om

7. Blogwalking to Chat box user except Shoutmix
Do blogwalking to another chat box user, example cbox. Some bloggers use cbox instead of Shoutmix. Great, isn't it?.

8. Comment
If you can't find another chat box, do comments ! Go to your friend's page and give comment. But remember ! Don't spam on their blog !

9. Be Active in Forum
This can be great alternative if you are an active member in forum. You can still "say hi" and promote your link.

Hope this article is helpful.. And I really really hope "shoutmix" problem will be fixed as soon as possible

For Indonesian version, you can go to this link : Mas Doyok (aka original poster)


luckybid said...

tks for the post, try to follow ur advice but my shoutmix still didn't get fixed. i use cbox now for the time being ...

business said...

thank you for the knowledge that is shared, it seemed everything was a mess, just like I want to leave you a message, a message from me does not contain a link that I want.

wedding said...

I was so sad if it can not leave a message to friends bloggers, for the time being ... I'm sorry if I just say "visit me"

Amelia said...

@luckybid : same with me :) I use cbox also..
@business : yap ! that's why I change my chat box
@wedding : that's okay :) I've change my chat box so we can keep in touch again ^_^

kak roni said...

good info sobat. sukses luar biasa cerdas untuk anda

Dhana/戴安娜 said...

info yg bagus good luck ya

Adin marscell said...

kaya postingnya mas doyok nih....he he sukses deh modifnya ..good..salam kenal sob

Adin Collections said...


Amelia said...

@kak roni : tq ^^ itu aku dpt dari temen kok
@dhana : tq ^^
@adin marscell : wah kurang tau juga, saya dapatnya dr teman ^^
@adin : :) too

Kian Coi said...

manteb tuh...soalnya da berapa hari ini kejadiannya kayak gt semua...!!!

moenas said...

thanks infonya brow,klo ane dah diganti tuh

MZ ARIFIN said...


Amelia said...

@kian coi: iya.. ehhe ini gara2 member indo bnyk yg di banned.. kebnykan blogwalking >_<
@moenas : wah bagus tuh.. hohoh
@mz arifin : you're welcome ^^

Josh said...

sudah diganti dgn yg lain di blog saya

Amelia said...

@josh : ^_^ sama di sini juga ganti cbox

nakata said...

that was exactly what i have been searching for. 10x !

三杯雞Sam said...


bed cover murah said...

thank you very helpful and really good info

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