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Saturday, August 21


Share Shops : Home Electronics and Audio

Hi, everyone! Share Shop for today is chucksaudiovideo.com. They sell all kind of home electronics and audio in one place. Besides lcd and mp3 players, we can find cd/dvd storages, batteries, cable, DIY tools, switcher, antennas, even gaming chair ! If you're into home theater and audio entertainment, this may be the right place for you.

---- Let's shopping ! ----


car reviews said...

thanks for the information. may be another option for me

saya nimbuzz said...

good information_n thanks

Amelia said...

@car : you're welcome :)
@saya : you're welcome :)

Samsung Galaxy S said...

thank you friend for new information. This new news is that I know

wedding said...

Mengucapkan "Minal 'Aidin wal-Faizin" utk rrekan2 yg merayakan.

Marc said...

Has anybody shopped at chucksaudiovideo.com before? I'm a little skeptical since they don't have a phone # listed on their site.

Amelia said...

@samsung : Thanks :)
@wedding : Happy Lebarannn
@Marc : I've never done that because I'm living in Indonesia now.

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