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Friday, January 22


Google Hacked by A Girl from China

Google's recently expressed readiness to withdraw from China and to close all their operations there. The reason, the search engine giant has not put up with waves of attacks launched by hackers from the bamboo curtain country.

Beautiful hacker from China named Xiao Tian forced to leave Google in China

David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer of Google says, it found a "very sophisticated attack" that comes from China on Google's infrastructure.

"The attacks made us decide to review the feasibility of our business operations in China," Drummond called Google's official blog, January 12, 2010.

Google to choose step back from China showed the enormity hacker community in the country.

Until July 2008, an estimated 4 million people have joined in hacker communities hackers. One of them is a special group of hackers who call themselves women Cn Girl Security Team.

This hacker group led by the Hunan-born girl, 6 September 1989 named Xiao Tian.

In mind, we might imagine that a hacker is a typical teenager growing up, with improvised performances - if not exactly a bad way - with thick glasses, a heavy smoker, unkempt hair unkempt and rarely shower for most of his life in front of the computer .

Apparently not the case with Xiao Tian. Although she mentions often stay up and the occasional smoke, but it looks very neat. At a glance, see the appearance, you may be surprised that he was a leader of a group of hackers whose members reach more than 2,200 people hackers women.

Xiao Tian said, she made the group because she feels that there needs to be a place for teenage girls like, who feel left out of the crowded world of hackers by hackers man who thinks that hackers women do not have enough skills.

Slowly but surely, Xiao Tian and the group began to break hackernya male dominance in the world of hacking. They aimed for celebrity status that carried by the hackers in China and opened up opportunities 'career' which is available tempting for a hacker who has a high reputation.

Although hackers club members Xiao Tian still relatively small compared with the population of hackers in China, but the 'organization' hackernya may be one of the biggest female group of hackers in China.

Scott Henderson, a retired U.S. soldier who is an observer and author of The Dark Visitor: Inside the World of Chinese Hackers never mentioned in the Indian DNA. "Unique Aspects of China's hackers sense of nationalism and collectivism. This contrasts with the western stereotype that hackers are generally independent and working individually in the basement of their residence, "he said.

However, lately, a trend that happens is 'cyber army' is fragmented and form a criminal capitalists and began to leave their sense of nationalism.

However, Henderson said, a time when there is a conflict involving China, the hacker would have to mobilize their groups and engage in a virtual world wars. And when the time comes, 'general' Xiao Tian will probably be one of China's leaders the army.


foodphilo said...

OMG! i love this news! it's outrageous! jia yo Xiao Tian! keep up the hack job! lol.
i believe it's not the first time that google has been hacked. but not bad. at least you could defeat their hacker(white hat)

Amelia said...

@google : LOL, she is amazing, isn't she? She even younger than me !

Kian Coi said...

China emAng punya banyak kejutan buat dunia...!!! bayangin aja seorang gadis belia yg nota bene adalah anak yg bisanya cm senang2 doank, ternyata adalah seorang hacker kelas kakap...bahkan disinyalir sebagai leadernya...!!!

Gilleeee beennneeeeerrrrr.....!!!!

wedding said...

articles of surprises for a girl full of talent, I am waiting for your link

Amelia said...

@kian coi: hohohho keren kan?? pingin juga bisa kyk dia >_<
@wedding : okay :) I'll added your link :)

Free Phone said...

waduwh, baru ngeliat nih artikel disini, ternyata pemudi-pemudi chinese sangat berbakat dan pinter-pinter, sip, semoga negara kitapun punya kepandaian yang mumpuni seperti mereka

Amelia said...

@free : kita juga berbakat kok. program bajakan kita gak kalah ama China. LOL. yah sekarang indonesia baru terkenal sebagai "cheater", mudah2an berkembang jadi "hacker". Hahahahha

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