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Friday, October 22


The Princess and The Frog - 2

Hi, everyone ! How are you? Last week I promised that I'll write the story behind The Princess and The Frog sketch I made. So, here I am, lay down on my bed, facing my laptop and start typing...

Princess : Hi, Mr. Frog !
Mr. Frog : Hi ! Err.. Why do you call me "Mr. Frog"?
Princess : You have big eyes, you're a frog :D
Mr. Frog : Yours are bigger than mine !
Princess : (laugh)
Mr. Frog : Ummm.. So what are you? A Princess??
Princess : Yaaay ! I'm a Princess ! Huh, wait, I don't want to kiss you.. (suddenly The Princess remembers about The Princess and The Frog's story)
Mr. Frog : (laugh out loud) Yeah yeah I know. You don't want to make me happy that much, rite?
Princess : (grin) Yap ! I don't want to make you happy that much !
(laugh together) Hahahaha... (deep silence..........)
Mr. Frog : Hmmmm.. Princess..?
Princess : Yes?
Mr. Frog : Will you give me a kiss? (staring at Princess)
Princess : Huh? (look into Mr. Frog's eyes) I didn't throw my ball to your pond. Why should I kiss you, Mr. Frog?
Mr. Frog : (laugh) You've thrown it. You just didn't notice it :P
Princess : (confuse,thinking) Ummmm... Even if I kiss you, I don't think you'll become a Prince....
Mr. Frog : (laugh again) I can't suddenly become a Human Prince, but at least I can become a human.. Hohoho
Princess : Why do you want to be a human? I'll still play with you every time even though you're just a Mr. Frog. (thinking) Oh, why don't you become a Frog Prince? So I don't have to kiss you right now
Mr. Frog :  I can't be just a Frog Prince, my Princess. This small body can't protect you from the Evil beings out there...
Princess : I can protect myself ! I'm a strong girl, you know?
Mr. Frog : (laugh) How come you're not a strong girl?? You're such a big eater !
Princess : HUH ! >:(
Mr. Frog : (laugh) Oh, come on, smile. Look, Mr. Rabbit is hiding in that hole because you suddenly hide your smile
Princess : (looking to the hole. Seeing a rabbit nose. Smile) OH look, I can see Mr. Rabbit's face (big smile) :D
Mr. Frog : I love your smile, my Princess. It's such a bright light for this Dark Woods.
Princess : (blushing)
Mr. Frog : You know what, my Princess, someday I'll become a human then I'll be a real Human Prince..!
Princess : Are you that desperately want to be a human? I come here everyday to play with you. Is that not enough for you?
Mr. Frog : Hmphhhhh..... There's someone I want to be with desperately. I can't be with her with this body...
Princess : Why?? She doesn't like you because you're a frog??
Mr. Frog : I don't know if she want to spend her rest of life with me if I'm just a froggie

Okay, people, do you understand the story above? If not, don't worry, I don't either (LOL)


H. Nizam said...
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Amelia said...

@H. Nizam : Please give comment related to post

the fact said...


earningslab said...

Hmm, not satisfying >.< Where's the next episode? Hehehe :P

Amelia said...

@the fact : hmm?
@earningslab : your comment neither,"grandpa". Next ep will be publish in unknown time

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