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Saturday, October 2


Mathematics is simple and easy !

Most of us find difficulties in answering math questions. Not only in prime numbers, but also in algebra, trigonometry, etc. Math homework can be one thing that we don't want during summer holiday, especially if we can't find somebody who can help us finish it.

Thanks to Sir Timothy Berners-Lee who found World Wide Web, we can find online tutor to help us finish our homework anytime we need it. Tutorvista, the leading online tutoring company in world has served over 5,192,000 live tutoring sessions online in simple and easy way. They help their member get the desired edge in the subjects in one-on-one tutoring for K-12 to college students. We can get unlimited monthly tutoring for all subjects in 24x7 for only $99.99 a month. Not only math, we can also find physics help, chemistry help, and many more subjects.

Tutorvista provide us free demo for first time user where we can try the service for free, including chemistry homework help (which I'm sure make most of us dizzy with all that formula on paper). For us who think that we just need instant tutoring for only algebra, geometry help, etc, we can purchase 1 hour monthly for only $7.5 or 3 hours monthly for $20.00 (K-12 tutoring). Tutoring for college student can be purchased from (only) $12.50 monthly for 1 hour!

So what are you waiting for ? Let's say , "Mathematics is simple and easy!"


Yesta said...

I was never very good at math, either. Oh, I can deal with the ordinary stuff that you need to do engineering or geology, like calculus and differential equations; but real, honest-to-goodness, abstract-as-hell *math* baffles me. lol :D

however this is a good share to encourage those who need to learn math. Go MATH!


Amelia said...

@Yesta : Hahaha I'm not good in math either :P But I joined Math tutorial to help me :)

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