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Monday, February 15


Updated Article

Realize that most of my visitor come from my beloved country, Indonesia, I'm planning to put Indonesian translation on my article. But I don't want to use Google Translator widget. Why? Because it make a mess.

Yesterday, I use Google Translation to translate History Of Valentine from wikipedia to Indonesian. You can guess the result. The meaning of  that history is a mess. Most of the sentences have different meaning. Google Translation is good for translate phrase but not for 1 long sentence or more sentences (more than 7 words). 

Right now, I will not make more blog in Indonesian. Two blogs have already consumed my time. So I'll just make new article in Indonesian or just give additional information on my previous article.

How can we know which article is updated in Indonesian?? 
Don't worry, I'll put that article up (edit the time so it will be the newest article)... have a nice day


general business said...

You are right, I use it, sometimes a few words into a name brand competitors. We should do a little editing and check again.

Amelia said...

@general business : yap ^_^

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