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Thursday, January 7


New haircuts? Why not?

Yes, why NOT ? Having new haircut can bring a new atmosphere around you. So what is the trend for 2010? Many of the top hairstylists were asked their opinion on what will be the most popular hairstyles in 2010. They have 3 tips for this season :

1. Diversity
Diversity is the key thing for 2010 .There will always be people who like long hair and those who like short hair, so cuts and styles will be adapted to the individual. Everything is a strong look that makes a big statement.

2. Versatility
Versatility will dominate in 2010.Versatility is a theme or idea for 2010 haircuts which more than one hairdresser predicts.We’ve grown accustomed to change and we will want to change our hair on a whim. Haircuts that allow styles to be easily maintained and yet allow maximum flexibility will be popular.

3. 2010 Popular Hair Color
Color is a mix of extremes, then what is the fashionable hair color in 2010. Bright shades created with metallic color will make anyone stand out. A more subdued look will also be popular, where color is blended for a soft, finished look.

The example is the strong look from short haircut of Rihanna. Yes, Rihanna seems to be the trendsetter of short haircuts. Some people say, Rihanna the BEST HAIRSTYLES IDEAS for 2010 ! Look at these

Amazing isn't it? You don't like Rihanna's style? Don't worry.. Check these out !

What are the keywords of 2010 trends for short hairstyles? Here they are....
* pixies
* piecey layers
* bold color
* asymmetry
* bowl-shaped cuts
* texture
* retro
* funky bangs
* big hair

And what about you who want to keep your long or medium hair? That's okay. A retro wave with fresh look, one side bang, or straight haircuts can light up your day in this 2010. Look at these...

Emo haircuts, that allows the expression you style and creativeness also become 2010 trend. The basic looks of Emo, which are short, or very long and dark (or light) hairstyles, looks great in asymmetricla lines and different color. But most people prefer to dye them black or totally light

A little touch of color dye can make your hair even more beautiful. So you have to make it blond? No ! If you have black hair, then it's your luck. Many celebrities dyed their hair become black to make a strong and independent looks. If your hair is black, try to give some metallic or light shades. It will make anyone stand out looking for your sexy haircuts. Look at these celebrities who dyed their color become black, nearly white, or just a simple natural color.

So have you got any ideas for new haircuts in 2010 ? New haircuts? WHY NOT ?

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