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Sunday, November 28


Raisa - Next Singer from YouTube

Last month, maybe Raisa was nobody, only a Youtube member who likes to post her video, singing in her room, but few days ago, one of famous Indonesian band, RAN, found Raisa and interested in her beautiful voice. Below is the video of Raisa with her first single.

RAN decided to make Raisa the next singer in Indonesia. I think it's not impossible. Raisa has amazing voice, yet beautiful. In the video above, Raisa looks really confident and enjoy singing so much. She has jazzy and a little bit R'nB style in her voice. Hmmm I can't wait to see her next single :) I love her voice


Aditya Perdana said...

suaranya keren... aku paling suka musik jazz. thanks Amelia...

Tanjung Info said...

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