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Tuesday, July 20


Say Something with Unique Greeting Cards

Ancient Chinese and Egyptian have used Greeting Cards since before 1400s using papyrus. Since 1850s, greeting cards is a way of communication and gift, followed by new trends like Holiday Cards, especially Christmas.

Although E-card has been used for 26 years, greeting (paper) cards is still popular. Today, most people looking for letterpress holiday cards because it's has unique and beautiful touch that's not easy to print. The letters were inked and impressed into sheets of paper using plates. The plates leave deep path in paper giving nice touch and feel. You can buy this stuffs online or made it by yourselves

So how about get a nice Holiday Photo Cards with your lovely one?


Stirlitz said...

I am shocked to the depths of the soul!
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Amelia said...

@stirlitz: thanks for comment

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