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Wednesday, December 15


Craft : My First White Lamb Plush Stuffed (Handmade)

Hi,long time no see you. Few days ago, I bought many doll patterns. One of them is towel animal sheep. Because I have almost nothing to do, I start to cut the pattern and sewing using towel and felt. And.. Tadaaaa ! I made my first Towel Sheep ! Here it is my cute little lamb, 100% handmade.. Size = 6.5 x 4.3 x 2.75 inches. Material : Towel, felt

It has big eyes and made of child friendly materials. The towel is so soft and safe for children. You can wash it also and recommended for ages 3 and up. I plan to sell it for Christmas and New Year Eve. Maybe I'll add a black high hat, a silver bell, or else on it. Anyone wants a piece for $7 (20% discount for first 3 buyers) ? If yes, give comment to this post and tell me your location :) There will be a special discount for Indonesia and Malaysia - contact me for detail

"Craft" is my second hobby after "Drawing". Sometimes I made according to season. Believe it or not, I've made chocolate felt for Valentine Day, including the box ! I'll post the picture in the next few days :) Just be patience.. and see ya


Steven Luck said...

Wow... Nice doll! Hohoho, so cute! ^_^

Liyan oz said...

follow me ok http://www.o2nri2.co.tv/

Gusti said...

weleh2 dah merambah jualan skarang yak...

yileen said...

Oooh! Its super cute! Good job! :D Can't wait to see the chocolates! :)

Agung A. Kusuma said...

wah, bonekanya cte abis, bisa buat gantungan kunci gak..??

manguncui said...

Boneka yang lucu, masih berlaku g ya tawaran memberikan gratisan itu?

Amelia said...

@gusti : heheheh coba2 ^_^ menyalurkan hobi
@yileen : hi ! Thanks for coming by. I've made the chocolate. Check this out http://share-everythings.blogspot.com/2011/01/chocolate-roman.html
@agung : bisa ^_^
@manguncui : gratisnya nggak berlaku. Tapi diskonnya masih berlaku ^_^

Amelia said...

@steven : thanksss ^_^
@liyan : I will :)

Anonymous said...

how do you make them

Amelia said...

I use the pattern and tutorial from internet ^_^

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