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Tuesday, February 15


Red Sweet Couple Panda doll from felt

First of all, Happy Valentine Day (for you who celebrate it) ^^ ! As I said before, I really love making crafts especially doll and plushie. So this valentine, I made a Red Sweet Couple Panda doll from felt ^^ Here they are

Aren't they cute?? I really love the little red heart plush. It's sooo cute :) I made this as a key chain with 3.2" inches tall and 3.2" inches wide. I plan to sell them $9.50 USD per set (2 pandas). I also made Sweet Couple Koala. I'm gonna post about it later. Some people said the Sweet Couple Koala is a perfect wedding souvenir because the male looks like giving little pink heart to the female one, and both of them are happily smiling. You can see it at my online store, http://AmeCraft.etsy.com. Honestly, I'm kinda confuse about the store name. I want to make it cool and easy to remember. But I'm stuck ! So I just type my nickname, Ame, and my store about, Craft. I hope the store name is easy to remember by my visitor :)

What do you think about this Panda Couple? Please, give me your opinion and critique :) Thanks ^_^


Jessica said...

OMG those are so cute!!! I love them!

Amelia said...

thanks jessica ^_^ !

Xemtruyen said...

thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Im and AOII (alpha omicron pi) and this is our soroities mascot! so so so cute!

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