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Thursday, February 10


My Handmade Felt Doll Online Shop

Hello ! It's really long time not to see you. Sorry I just busy recently with my school, my new online shop (Yay! I have an online shop) at Etsy, and create banners. Yap, as you know (or maybe you didn't know), I really love making craft and drawing. So I plan to sell them online ! Here few of my products I made it by myself

Aren't they cute?? I made it in custom colors and styles. There are couple, cupid, and emo style with many colors available. Of course it's shipping worldwide :) Just click below link/banner to see the details:

Oh, as information, the SHIPPING COST is counted per 250 grams. There's no lower weight for shipping abroad. Oh, one more, I made the banner by myself ! I'm using Adobe Photoshop to create it.
Do you want me to create banner for you? Just contact me via e-mail =)


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