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Wednesday, March 16


Bell Nuntrita Khampriranon - The Talented Girl in Thailand's Got Talent

Today, this morning I checked my facebook and one of my lecturer post this awesome video. This is a video of Bell Nuntrita Khampriranon (not Bell Nandhita:updated), a girl with amazing voice singing in an audition of Thailand's Got Talent. It may sounds strange the first time you hear it but if you keep focusing on her voice tune, you'll know why I'm still amazed until now...

I know, some of you may dislike this video because of his status. I also feel sorry about it but I can't deny that God has given him amazing voice. Do you realize how good he control his falsetto?? Not many people able to control falsetto that good, and fewer more able to sing two types of voice in good and tender voice.
Something you have to know about Thailand

Thailand is a country where transgender is allowed. In fact, they have the best transgender operation in the world. If you go to Phuket, the most famous tourist destination in Thailand. you will almost not recognized which the real male/female one. For you who is looking for the real one, I suggest not to looking for it in Phuket. But if you don't mind about it, feel free to check all the beautiful girls and handsome boys there.

Note :
The first song is : yahk roo tae mai yahk taam by ...(I don't know the singer)
The secong song is : Unlovable by Mild

I don't know whether she passed the audition or not because I don't understand Thai language. If any of you understand what the judges said, please tell me. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Yes She did pass.
It is translated here:

Amelia said...

Wah thanks ! ^_^ I'm glad she passed the audition :D

Nigel Foong said...

The first song is sang by Calories Blah Blah. It's one song of the OST from Bangkok Love Story.

Anonymous said...

wht is this song name~~please told me

jose said...

eu fiquei muito imprecionado com a voz dele(a)

Projectprophecy07 said...

I thought she was very cute... until her voice changed then... what happened, was it an act? :O. xD. nevertheless you're right... he/she has a very good voice.

business mobile phone said...

I am not understand the language, but listen songs sung poetry, very beautiful.

Amelia said...

@nigel Foong : yap ! you're right ^_^ I've written the title.. the title is "yahk roo tae mai yahk taam"
@anonymous : like I said in my post ^_^
@jose : :D
@projectprophecy07 : no no no it's not an act.. Those two voices are him. She was a male....
@businessmobilephone : yesss ! especially the second song.. and believe me or not, the original version of "Unloveable" is not as good as Bell's

Anonymous said...

I think you like or love all Bell: this is a link to know more about this great performer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAn74BFq6Hs&feature=autoplay&list=UL-TI081pirgc&index=10&playnext=3

Claude from Canada

* Very nice voice

Anonymous said...

i wanna donload the song that she sang....her version...where can i donload it??

Amelia said...

@Claude : Thanks :D
@Anonymous : hmmm I don't know >_< sorry.. I'm still looking for it too because the original version is not as good as hers

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