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Thursday, July 25


Hatsune Miku Wedding Concert (My Sketch)

Since I use "bloggeroid" app, I decided to write a post at least once a week for my blogs. That means I'll write a post every two weeks because I have two main blogs. One is my craft blog written in Indonesian, second is this lovely blog, Share Things.

Okay, let's begin...

Today I took a picture of my first ever Miku's sketch. I've been drawing her since two days ago at the office during lunch break or when I've done my job desk. In my sketch, you won't find Miku with her usual uniform. I tried to create another version of Hatsune Miku. I called it Hatsune Miku Wedding Concert. I imagine this is a scene where Miku sings on someone's wedding (outdoor wedding, precisely). Ah enough talking.. Here is my sketch..

half done sketch of Hatsune Miku Wedding Concert

Yes, it's still half done, a rough sketch. I've scanned it so the next job is tidy it up, put background, and then color it. Honestly, I planned to make a scene of Miku sings on her wedding! But I thought that's too cruel.. Someone might heart broken *lol*. So I changed it to Miku sings on someone's wedding. *hohoho*

For this wedding scene, I change her outfit. I draw Miku on formal dress with pretty butterfly ribbon on the back (I love butterfly, can't help it). She still wears the headphone and long pigtail (I won't change her trademark as a Vocaloid), though instead of her black/magenta ribbon, I changed them to butterfly (again) shaped hair ribbon. I plan to put magenta or tosca color for them. Oh, I add some accessories for her to strengthen her "wedding concert" image. She wears bracelet and pearl necklace! I like jewelry, duh. I can't tell about the detail of her jewelry yet. Truthfully speaking, I haven't decided the color and charms for her bracelet. I think of put a little butterfly (AGAIN!) charms and pinkish/blueish beads for the bracelet, but let's see what will pop up in my mind later...

Now, let' talk about the background. The idea is outdoor wedding scene but I still struggle how much detail I'll draw on. Flower? Definitely! I want a lot of flowers and a few butterflies (hahaha). I picture there'll be soothing green grass with beatiful bushes or flowers, some silhouette of column, and pretty blue sky. Is it enough? Ahh, okay, that's my next next job. Now I have to tidy the lines up on my laptop. Hope it will finished quickly remembering there're still many craft projects that have to be finished this month *facepalm*

Okay, that's for today..... See you on my next post, papoyyyyy! (*sorry, I'm into Minions these days.. -giggle-)

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