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Friday, July 19


Free $50 Wine Voucher from BookDepository

Few weeks ago I ordered a classic novel from BookDepository, Oliver Twist. I'm a little bit nervous because that's my first time order book via online from foreign country, London and I'm living in Indonesia! Actually I wont buy i if it wasn't listed in "Annual Sale up to 90% Off". Thanks to my dear friend, Maria, who has introduced me to this (poisonously addicting) Free Shipping online book store, now I always eager to buy new books! *gosh..*

Okay, back to the book, two days ago there's a package came to my home and my eyes stuck in a word "Book Depository". Yahoooo! My new book! Great discount (I got 65% disc), fast delivery, and FREE SHIPPING! How cool is that, huh?

The package came with a novel (Oliver Twist), small brochure, receipt, a nice bookmark, and VOUCHER! It's a lovely $50 wine voucher. But since I can't use the voucher because the wine is located in Australia, I'll share it as a *giveaway* for my dearest reader.


This voucher is valid for 1 person only, so be quick!! The first person contact me via email will be the first one who get the full scan including Terms of Service (there's special offers for people in _Sydney_)

Oh, here's the picture of the bookmark. You can see the website address clearly with a nice and tempting ads (oh no!).

If you're looking for a nice books and cheap shipping fee, just dig in to BookDepository. It's not just cheap, but it's free! Hooray for free shipping!

Well, that's it for today. Just remember to contact me quickly for the voucher since the time is limited!
my email : amelia.angelina05@gmail.com

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Maria Magdalena said...

wiuh... namaku disebut di sini! Hahaha..... pokoke enjoy deh! Bukuku yang di book dep ada satu yang gak sampai, yang buku monster, trus aku sampaikan ke book dep, maunya siy minta trackingnumber biar bisa nge-track posisi bukuku itu... tapi ternyata malah dikasi refund sama book dep. Refund 100%! Asyik ya... :D

amelia said...

Hahahhaah iyah.. makasih racunnya... aaaaaa racyunnnnn...

Wah sayang banget bukunya ga sampe, tp hebat juga langsung refund gitu. Responsible. Kira-kira nyasar kmn ya tu buku.. wkwkwkwk.. mudah2an ntar lg ada event diskon lagi

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