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Saturday, September 8


I'm back!!

Heeeellloooooo everyone!!
This is my first touch with this blog after 3 years. Yes, my last visit to blogger was 3 years ago. Such a long time, isn't it? I'm so sorry T_T I won't abandon my blog again, ever!
So my desire to blogging (again) started this morning when I googled about nail art and found many beautiful blogs. A tiny voices "I miss my blog" occured in my mind and hours later (8 hours later, gosh!) I decided to take a peep to my Share Things. OH my! I still have visitors! A little spark sparks in my heart. My heart start beating fast while I read all those comments. It's.. amazing.. happy.. almost tears.. okay a little bit exaggerate.. but truly I feel so much joy I can't describe. Then my fingers suddenly did tap dance opening my blogger account. Uh-oh So much changes! I felt a little bit confuse with this new layout but gladly it didn't take a long time to adapt. Sooo... Now here I am, typing new post for my blog. First post after 3 years (sorry). Within this 3 years, so many things happened to me and hmmmmm... How about a little sharing? I promise it won't hurt.. Let's start anyway ;)

1. I've graduated! 2 years ago I finished my architecture study at Petra Christian University (Surabaya, Indonesia).

The photo above is me in graduation ceremony :) Here in Surabaya (my lovely city) we have to wear KEBAYA (Java traditional outfit) in graduation ceremony.
  Make up and hair were beautifully done by my mom. She runs a Salon, SPA, and Bridal in Bali named "Henny Gunawan Salon". You should come when you visit Bali ! She have a TOP service with very reasonable price, great for both tourists and locals

2. I've found a job! I worked as a project admin for high rise building. My current project is apartment ;) Here is the photo of the project
Hmmm what do you think?? Isn't it cool =D

3. I'm still doing crafts ~
I have to admit, during this 2 years, my performance was a bit slacking and not good. So I decided to make a brand new start, 
more discipline, more creative
You can purchase my stuffs by send me message by click contact on menu above

4. I have some new hobbies around ;) nail art and bakery. Here is what I've done today.. STRAWBERRY MILK theme! What do you think??
ingredients : green + soft pink + white nail polish. Tape. Dotting tool. Top coat nail polish
I'm still a noob though, but satisfied enough with the pink color ^_^ 
maybe I'll do lemon or kiwi next time..

5. I learned how to apply make up. Seriously, i don't really like wearing make up but the office made me done it. Of course, the only thing I can do is "daily make up"
Uh huh.. that's me in one of my office outfit. Hmm sorry the "daily make up" is so thin. 
I've told ya, i don't really like wearing make up. 

Those are 5 things I could share this time. Actually I want to make it 10 but I have to finish my panda keychains =_=" Ohh here are some random photos from my computer, my family, my crafts, my bakery stuffs :) Hope you enjoy my photos (sorry some photos were not taken well. I'm not really good in photography)


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