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Friday, April 22


Diet Tips According to Your Zodiac - Part 1

Hello again! It's been a looongggg time since my last post, right? Sorry, I've been busy with my campus stuffs and crafts (yes, I have online handmade craft shop now). Since today is holiday (Good Friday-Easter day), and usually we eat a lot during holiday, I think I'll share diet tips according to your ZODIAC. Zodiac? yes! I found this article on the internet few days ago and I think it's quite nice :) Here we go !

Aquarius (January 21st - February 19th)
People with this zodiac usually are very easy to be tempted with instant diet program. Result is, "Yoyo-A-Gogo". I mean, Aquarius will lose weight as quick as they gain weight after the program stops. Then they will try another instant program, getting slim, they stop the program, and boom! gain weight again. So, instead of looking (and do) instant diet program in short term, it's much better to watch your meal, eat healthy food and drink in proper amount for long term

Pisces (February 20th - March 20th)
Most Picses has a tendency to be easily influenced by people. So, if a Pisces want to do a diet, better to tell and discus it with friends or family and ask them to support and help maintain the diet

Aries (March 21st - April 19th)
Impatient is a good word for Aries, so about how they do the diet, impatient. So don't do strict diet. Strict diet will not give a great result both nor our body or our health. Like Aquarius, just keep your meal healthy, good taste, and has good balance. Diet doesn't have to be bad-taste food, right?

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)
People who are ruled by this zodiac usually love to do sport and physical exercises, but they have slow metabolism. But the advantage is they are very diligent and patient carrying out various series of diet program.

Gemini (May 21st - June 19th)
The opposite of Taurus, the people under the Gemini star usually impatient but have a huge desire to make changes in their life. That's why, Taurus and Gemini can be a perfect match on a diet, because they can complement each other.

Cancer (June 20th - July 20th)
Most people in this zodiac are food lover (YES! It's me!!) and tend to become emotional eater, which means when they have good appetite, they can eat a lot of meal whole day and only care about the taste, not the health. But, when they don't have any appetite, they can eat nothing more than a tea and biscuits whole day (Ouch! Yes, it's me...). Cancer, try to always bring fruit, oatmeal, wholegrain bread wherever you go so you will always have healthy food when you have good appetite. Also, have bunch of food around can increase your appetite when you don't have any :)

So, that's all 6 zodiac I write today! The rest is already written in Diet Tips According To Your Zodiac - Part 2 :)

Okay, I have to go now! My boyfriend already stand in front of me, ready to pick me up to church! ^_^ See you later !


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Great posts amelia

Adrian Luggya said...

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